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  1. 12 year old lad kid at Mount Druitt gets whats coming to him.

    [ame=]Victim Fights Back In NSW Sydney School | 'Casey' - YouTube[/ame]
  2. [ame=]Video: 73 Year Old Grandma Responsible For 40 Percent Of Oklahoma's Marijuana Trafficking![/ame]
    Anyone buy from Granny? :smoke:
  3. Thats fucked up that they only arrest her and blame her for everything.
  4. they are going to share the money with themselves, how fucking convenient of them.
  5. Stupigs are just gonna waste more $ than that prosecuting and locking her up.:mad:

    [ame=""]Video: Bay Teacher AKA Peepin Tom Caught Videotaping High School Girls In Restroom![/ame]
  6. Kid got knocked the fuck out!
  7. guys that lady with the knife really clearly STABS HERSELF! watch it again, and watch her force the knife into her gut before she even gets close to the ground.
  8. [ame=]Video: Tough Love Or Too Much? 25-Year-Old Beats On His 17-Year-Old Cousin's Rib Cage Till He Cries For Stealing A PS3 & Acting Hard About It On Facebook![/ame]

    I have mixed feelings about this.
  9. tough love, is how I see it. The bigger cousin is trying to teach the younger one about respecting your elders and not running your mouth. I mean, when you take it as "oh wow look this 25 years olds beating up on a 17 year old" yea it doesn't look good. BUT like his older cousin said, "im trying to teach you a lesson so you dont get yourself fucking killed out here". The older one might've took it a bit far with how much he hit him, but fuck it..If that had been some random ass person they woulda kept hitting til he stopped moving. It's a really hard lesson in respect, bet you that kid wont steal shit again.
  10. Yea it's just tough love. Look at 1:50, he was really just trying to reach out to him. Fuck it, the kid stole a ps3 from his own family and talked shit about it, he deserves a confrontation like that.
  11. Just send them all back to africa seriously wtf. Blacks bicker and fight over anything and everything. As much as i love seeing them kill and knock the spit out of eachother. The way they act is unacceptable.
  12. [ame=]Video: Home Invasion: Girl Gets Tore Up On Her Own Doorstep Over Twitter Beef![/ame]

  13. Get the fuck outta here with that racist shit you fool

  14. 2/10

    ONLY because you got a reply out of me.

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