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  1. [ame=]Video: When Showing Off Goes Wrong: Bully Gets Dropped![/ame]
  2. Kid got fucking dropped LOL.
  3. He's like about to cry lmao
  4. I saw this the other day and was wondering....

    how do you act super tough and not even put your hands up after someone confronts you?
  5. lol punk kid got what he deserved.
  6. i like how calm the white kid was and how much of bitch the black kid was when he got dropped hahahaha
  7. Ha he wasnt even lookin at him when he got hit. The dude straight squared up
  8. He's just like walking around.. Like.. "dude... He seriously punched me in the face"

    And the entire time I was waiting for the white kid to throw the punch and the far mexican kid just came outta no where lol
  9. lol kid got put in his place. the white guy on the fence is just leaning there calmly the whole time
  10. [ame=""]Video: How To Enter A Fight Like A Boss.. Flying Dropkick![/ame]
  11. Subbing to this thread. Going to be a awesome one, i can just feeeeeeeeeeeeel it.
  12. ha same here

    this one happened in my hometown and all these kids got expelled lol

    one kid thought this other kid stole his shoes so they beat him up...the kid who got beat up showed the school the receipt to the shoes lol and they were his

    [ame=]Video: Fight Goes Down Over Alleged Stolen Foamposites: Thief Gets His Sneakers Took & Left Leaking On Dean College Campus!?[/ame]
  13. ^ total fuckin shitheads
  14. HAHAAHA! All over some ugly ass shoes?!
  15. [ame=]Video: Some Real Crazy Shyt: Man Knocks Out A Guy, Strips Off His Clothes & Goes Nuts In Getting Ready For His Next Battle![/ame]
  16. I love you WSHH! Setting Black people back since 2005.
  17. Ahhhh entertainment 4 2nite:D
  18. I see this in person almost every weekend
  19. He sleeping he sleeping

    [ame=]Video: Damn, Left Him In A Coma!? Man Gets Dropped For Being Loud In Front Of His Aunt's House In Inkster, Michigan![/ame]
  20. [ame=]Video: 2 vs 2: Roommates California Fight! (Girls Take It To The Dorm)[/ame]


    heres my two

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