World Peace Has Commenced

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  1. did you guys read that the taliban want to take a step forward and negotiate peace with the U.S to end the 12 year war? thats a huge step in an attempt to better our world. opinions? could it just be a plot to get on the inside?
  2. We are not in a war with The Taliban, it's a war on "Terror", that way it can be continued in perpetuity.  There is no coming to a truce with a generality.
  3. but there is itching closer to a truce and i think that's what has begun to happen
  4. We wont negotiate peace with the Taliban until they cut off Al Qaeda, and really the Taliban just wants our foreign troops out of their country so they will say anything to make that happen. Personally, i dont think we have any business in any country but our own, so im all for bringing our boys home 100%.
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  6. Lol world peace is a wholeeeee lot more complex than just two governments coming to an agreement
  7. haha how do i do that man? haha i apologize im kinda new on here so i didn't know where to put it haha
  8. as i said before in the original post, its a step forward, we're not quite all he way there yet we've only just begun the long and painful journey
  9. Lol. World peace. If its not Taliban it will be al quada. If not them some other countrie to force out polices on. You do know that the US and North Korea want to nuke the shit out of each other. But hay it's a steep towards works peace. SMH. There is no such thing. Man is violent by nature and fighting will never stop.
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    The Us has absolutely no desire to nuke NK. NK only rattles it's saber when attempting to beg for more concessions or food. Now they want talks again.
    The Taliban likely wants to be part of the government there. Even if it works out, it will not be a catalyst for World Peace (unfortunately). :smoke:
  11. The USA does not trust the Taliban, period.
  12. [quote name="Danbridge" post="18229845" timestamp="1371594909"]The USA does not trust the Taliban, period.[/quote

    What do you mean. We were the ones funding them when they were getting off the ground.
  13. To be fair you should include Pakistan as a major supporter and amazing after they took over the Country, Russia. :smoke:
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    Even if the US trusted the Taliban, this war would never end.
    The US is addicted to War.  Look at the 1 trillion dollars spent towards the war on drugs. 
    The fact that endless amounts of money can disappear for the sake of national security removes Uncle Sam from having to be held accountable.  Which is why our "Public Servants" seem to make extraordinary increases of net worth during a very depressed economy.
    Makes you wonder, How much a senator or congressman's vote is worth?

  15. The Push for peace is happening with revolutions against government in countries like Turkey Brazil Greece and Egypt, and it's soon to happen here in the United States. Apathy is our biggest problem, but we have a population of 350 million people, and 80 million of them are gun owners. They don't stand a chance against us, the other nations do not have a 2nd amendment. Military force or not, we will (if violent revolution comes down to it) smear this government with force into the ground.
    You have to realize that the intellectual revolution is taking place via the sharing of information through the internet. The New World Order is trying their hardest to stifle that sharing of information, block the internet, censor our alleys of sharing, and smother the uprisings heppening in europe and south america. But it's too late, the ball is rolling and it's going to snowball and I'm afraid their world tyranny will end. But it's imperative that the America has a revolution, because the power structure's nasty fat fucking egg sack lies within it's borders.
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    Far from world peace, my friend. I wish :( . Take a look at Syria, people are being executed in public and soldiers getting their hearts cut out and then eaten. Fuckin' sick world we are living in...
    But people are waking up and protesting corrupt governments and stuff so its a start.
  17. Afghanistan is old news. Syria is where TPTB have set their sites. 
  18. peace=no war=no money
  19. Maybe were already at peace and those other countries don't even exist.

    Probly not though.
  20. World peace? Are you not watching the news? Once the west sorts out syria it will be onto Iran next and you think the people of the Middle East are going to sit back and let it be "liberated"? This is just the start!

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