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world of words

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by mulli_melli, Jan 26, 2002.

  1. I just have to mention the difference in slang words amongst different countries. It took me awhile to work out what was what!!

    For example, people were talking about having 'bowls'. I was thinking, shit they must be pretty smashed to smoke a whole bowl of weed. Here we refer to the 'bowl' as the 'cone piece'. And our 'bowl' means simply a mix of weed in a bowl all mulled up ready to go.

    Werid huh.....

    Another thing is 'hits'. I had a huge 'hit' today. Sounds like your taking herion or something. We tend say, I had a couple of 'cones' today or a couple of 'bongs'.

    There's other's I've come across but I can't think of them now. STML. Dam that side affect!!

    Don't get me wrong either, I have nothing against the words people use. It's just interesting!!
  2. yeah i know what your saying, i find slang terms from other countrys interesting.
  3. Critter often uses the term drunk and pissed, stoned and pissed.

    I'm not sure what context to take this in. Around here that would mean drunk and mad, (possible) or stoned and mad (not as possible).

    Help out a dude who was born in an area and lives there still.:)
  4. coned? sorry buut im high and that made me laugh, thats great im gonna use that....cooooned, i always use bowl, I think its more americna, canadian etc., Ive always said I was either blitzed, high or stoned...sometimes wasted, but thats more of an alcohol sounding term. lets hear some other terms, Im gonna make a list and then laugh at all the creative shit flowing around here...but first...I have some doritos and half a lemon mirang(sp? fuck it im high) pie with my name on it.......ladies and gentlemen, its been a pleasure posting to you tonight

    toke,hit,baked,blitzed,smashed,stoned,wasted,bowl,cone(teeheehee...arrrsome), capped,pissed, drunk, smacked,smackered, noodled, cone piece, blazed, roach, cherry,joint, J, Noogy, slimjim, burning one, toking up,toker, stoner, pothead, permafried, monkeyboned,blazed, glazed, amazed,and fazed...SHIT IM RYMING!

    hey do you enjoy it when americans come to australia and finish eating their meal and tell you their stuffed? thats pretty dang groovy

    ok ok i swear im leaving you guys alone
  5. Coned is probably the best one ive heard so far we usually just call em dubs(a G) or an O(oz) tendo is a dime bag(one of my friends called it that...really caught on at my skool) thats about it cept all the others ya we call it bomb in general i dont know if thats regional or international?? whutever...
  6. Around here about this summer everyone started calling smokin' pot chiefing, or getting chiefed.
  7. we call smoking pot "listening to CDs" started out as a code name for it while at school, but now its just something we use whenever in public...."cd players" are pipes, "headphones" are lighters/matches, "cds" are the got all vastly huge and detailed and shit.....someone calls joints a "battery" now and all that stuff...kinda cool

  8. You guys must sound so funny to other stoners that here you, they would so know what you were talking about. I would laugh my ass off if I heard somebody talking like that when I was high.
  9. i forgot about this one we also call weed deoderant because my friends would hide there stuff in deoderant bottles under the actual deoderant so whenever we online or phone or near parents we call it deoderant or our friend buddy its fun...
  10. here in western Us

    I use words like:

    blazed, bowl, hit (referring to bong or joint), and just plain old FUCKED
    << sorry for curse's just what we say.

    cant think of any more..all have been

    peace and love
  11. in my school we call weed... weed! nobody really hides it that they smoke up, it doesn't matter whut your saying when you go into school stoned every day.

    yeah i'm thinking about listening to a few cds in a min.
  12. hey all,
    my girlfriend is English (I'm American), so all the time she says things which make no sense to me. she says "drunk and pissed" or just "pissed" all the time, the pissed part meaning "wasted". another one for wasted is "fucked", like "I got absolutely fucked last night". That one kinda threw me off the first time she said it. I was like "HUH? you did wha?"
    She also calls rolling a joint "skinning up" (and it seems everyone puts tobaccy in their joints there, YUCK!).
    feeling very tired is "knackered".
    the bathroom is called a loo.
    there are lots more but I'm in the middle of MST3K....
  13. wow critter, you have said nothing in the post and you bump it.

  14. l deleted all my posts a few months ago.
  15. why would you do a thing like that? were all of your opinions tainted by being posessed by evil little aliens and no one would be safe viewing them?
  16. Sounds fair to me ,lol.:smoking:

    But proberly had more to do with being busted and not wanting all my plant pics to be seen.

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