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Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by RecStoner, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. Placed an order a few days ago, got the order confirmation on the screen, card was charged.
    No email, no status.
    Emailed them 2 days ago, nothing.
    Just emailed them again, 12 hours and I'll cancel the card and order from yet another place.
    That's 2 banner advertisers here on this site and this is the service we get? Clearly GC doesn't give a fuck about who they represent.
    Wold Class my ball bag. I sent them an email and a chat message, I told them 12 hours, no response and I'll go somewhere else.
    I'll report back soon.

  2. I completely understand your anxiety about your seed order. Out of curiosity I just chatted with them.  I told them about your post and here's what they said...
    Yes, we just saw that. Very odd indeed because we are the only seed company in the world with 24 hour service
    the only seed company in the world with 24 hour phone support
    the only seed company in the world with full time staff
    10:21 am 7 employees
    35 retail stores
    \nSo you may want to give contacting them another try.  Shit, if they have 24h phone support then give them a call.

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