Workout help? and An Injury

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  1. Hey guys, I strained my gluteus minimus about two weeks ago during basketball practice. I tried going light on it, and ended up making it worse. Its starting to heal up now, I was able to play some offense during practice today rather than just pushups and free throws.

    If anyone has any advice on how to help it heal faster (we have our first game on Friday), or any good stretches, that would be fantastic.

    My other question would be if someone could suggest to me a workout plan. My goals are to gain weight(muscle) and to increase my vertical leap.

    I'm 6'4/6'5 170 lbs. I used to be 175 before my cross country season, but even that was too light, hence the reason that I'd like to gain some weight.

    I have basketball practice six times a week, so my cardio is good, and I don't think that I would need to supplement it with anything.

    My current numbers/workout

    Bench: 115, ten reps. 135, ten reps. 135 ~6 is when I've been failing.

    Shoulders: Learned this workout from someone I trust a lot, and it has done a lot for me in terms of mass gained in the past, but feedback would be great. They are done in a circuit.

    I do this all with a 25 lb weight, one of the circular ones from bench.

    Steering wheels(without the turning, so just straight up and down, from straight out to above my head) 6/6/~7-8

    Half-Beast, same amount on either side. 6/6/6
    Both hands on the weight, start from one hip. Bring from the hip to the opposite side of your body, rotating slightly. Focusing on explosion. Hold the weight at arms length for two seconds, and then bring it back to the hip for another one.

    Shoulder shrugs(35s) 15/15/15

    Afterwards, Lat Pulldowns: 125 lbs 8 reps(failure), then failure again.

    Leg Extension single leg. I use one leg so that I'm not having my strong leg (everyone has one) do more work. I'm not entirely sure if the plates are 10lbs each at my Y, but I'm using plate 5 for each leg. 10/failure

    Hamstring Curl(not sure what the real name is to be honest) - My hamstrings suck, recently started doing these, advice would be great.

    After hams: Bicep Curl - 30's: 5 reps, 3-4 reps

    And then I burn out with pushups at the end.

    I've been wanting to get back into calf press/squats but I don't want to put the stress of balancing and lifting on my strained muscle yet, but advice on this when I do start would be great.

    Help/Advice would be great on either account, sorry for the long read.
  2. Start squatting and deadlifting. Due to your injury you will need to start light but they are both great exercises and should definately be implemented in your workouts
  3. Bench press: x * 10; x+10 * 8; x+20 * 5
    Where x is your weight, the number after the asterik is the amount of reps.
    If you start with 100lbs for 10, then you would do 110, then 120. After a few workouts you'll be able to dial in on the exact weight you should be doing. This should help your weak bench alot.

    Deadlifts and squats are very important, as soon as you can do them start. Make sure you break parallel with your squats and maintain perfect form with deadlifts.

    Your whole workout needs alot of tweaking though, you may want to talk to a personal trainer at the gym and get advice specific for your goals.
  4. it seems youre hamstings and youre glutes are not up to par with your quads. you should work on youre hamstings
  5. oh and to help it heal ice the shit out of it for 20 min then put an heating pad on it for 20 mins and do that for an hour every day

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