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  1. so, im in the process of my first grow. ive learned alot from friends who grow, as well as watching youtube videos on each step from germination to harvesting. as of now, i have 3 girls. 2 in party sized solo cups and 1 in a 1-gallon pot. the others will be transplanted shortly into 1-gallon pots as well. im using Miracle Grow potting soil. i started them in Jiffy Seed Starter. they are about 2 weeks old and just not looking like i thought they would be. far from what ive seen in others work. each are about 5-7 inches tall, with 3 rows of leaves. no branches yet still just the baby leaves. they are starting to boom but im just seeing if i need to adjust anything. i have them about a foot from a 100 watt Compact Florescent light. i water them using distilled water. i added about a half teaspoon of 4-2-6 GrowBig hydroponic nutrients along with just a splash of SuperThrive, to a gallon of the distilled water. im using the 18hrs of light 6hrs of dark method. im keeping the tempurature around 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit. i have a small fan on them for air, reflector sheet around the plants and black plastic shutting out all possibilities of any window light for flowering stages. any tips you wanna share with me? how much/ often should i water? am i using the right nutrients? am i missing something? any help is appreciated!

  2. They are cold, light too far away and will be over fed if you are not careful.
    Get the light much closer and add more lights.
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  3. i have a 600 MH bulb as well. would that be more ideal for veg? and i water them usually twice a day. once in the morning and once at night after the light is off. thoughts?
  4. 600w MH is good, water when dry of course.
  5. ok, so ill change from SFL to the MH asap then. and ur saying i dont have to water regularly? just when the potting mix looks dry?
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  6. dont water around lights off....mold.
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  7. well the bottle of the GrowBig says dont water while in sunlight... so now what?
    Which type of miracle gro are you using, the one that feeds for 90 days or the Organic Choice bag? If the soil feeds for 90 days then I'd stop adding nutes.
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  9. yea i think its the 90 day feeding soil. so i dont have to water at all? or when i do, just straight water?
  10. I'd just use plain tap water
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  11. ok so heres my next question, tap water? or distilled water?
  12. I have only ever used plain tap water in my hydro but I'm sure there are guys on here that would never think of doin it lol, but I think it's fine.
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  13. ok well it helps. saves $1 per gallon lol. ill stop using the nutes and use only tap water. about how often did u water ur plants? mine are right at 2 weeks old and 2 are in solo cups and 1 is in a 1 gallon. my soil feeds for 90 days. about how often is ideal for watering
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  14. With soil u should only water when the top inch or so is dry otherwise you risk over watering and making unhappy lil ladies, I'm hydro tho so I jus water when I can be arsed lmao.
  15. ok, ive been watering twice a day. the soil always seems damp still. so i should only water once a day u think? or maybe everyt other day?
    Depends on humidity, temps, size of plant and size of pot. Nobody can really answer that for you given the wide range of climates, but I go by weight... a pot that needs water is much lighter than one that doesn't.
    Twice a day is way too much, I'd wait at least 3 days between waterings, more if they're small plants in large pots. Wait until the pot gets really light and the plant starts drooping, then remember how light the pot felt when it needed water. Every couple of days pick up your pot, if it's heavy then it doesn't need water, if it's light then water it.
  17. thank you so much man. ill get on it asap. tryin to better my grow thumb. 

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