Working on a MMJ farm in Cali

Discussion in 'General' started by KiddCadaver, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. Ok guys I live in NC and I was wondering if there is anyway that during the summer when im out of college if I can work on a MMJ farm. I was just thinking how awesome that would be for a summer job and I really hope it's a possibility.
  2. Probably not unless you had some form of agriculture degree/networking ability.
  3. Well I took agriculture and horticulture classes in highschool.
  4. I doubt it.
  5. Damn, well im gonna keep looking shit if its only carrying around bags of soil or trimming bud thats fine with me.
  6. Just watched a documentary on this shit. The farms out there are super secret. Bc the feds and dea can cease them at anytime they are not advertised so unless you know someone out there w and op there's little chance. Sorry bro.
  7. No way in hell man. There isn't like huge marijuana farms out here that hire random people. Even most large medical grows are secret operations that only a handful of people know about, the ones that aren't secret get raided. Plus you need to be a medical marijuana patient or caregiver to participate in any grow and you need to be a California resident to get that.
  8. K guys thanks for the info.
  9. No problem. Hopefully one day we will have massive legal cannabis farms like how you thought it was out here, that would be amazing.
  10. I just love growing man theres nothing like it. And I mean how could you beat a job like that, would be a dream job. Im really thinking of moving out to Colorado and trying to open a dispensary gotta look into it a little more though.
  11. Opening up a dispensary is very risky business man, the feds basically can raid you whenever they feel like if they want to.
  12. Yeah thats true guess I could just get a MMJ card and grow my own.
  13. Growing is really not a good job. You could loose you're entire crop overnight and be homeless. thieves, dea, bugs, shit weather, other shit could wreck your entire crop. Also its just ok money if you have a farm that's not likely to get shut down. Goto and search marijuana growing documentary, I forget the exact title but ill link it once I get on the comp. It follows three or four growers thru a season, very informing!
  14. Yeah man watch "the green rush" on hulu.
  15. [quote name='"tgjester"']Yeah man watch "the green rush" on hulu.[/quote]

    That's the one bro! Sad ending tho... shit
  16. Yeah man I can't believe that bastard betrayed him.
  17. make your marijuana farm in whatever state you

  18. just watched that

    can u imagine living out there smoking all day

    would be pretty cool!:smoke:
  19. Yeah i've seen it to that pissed me off so much when he found out that guy took his bud.
  20. You pretty much have to know somebody in the industry to get a job...I had a chance to work in Humbolt for a month early in the season setting everything up and at the end of the season trimming but I ended up busting my ankle so I couldn't make the trip

    The guy that offered me the job told me that if you want to find work down there just go down to the "river," smoke a few bowls and try to make some friends...but your best bet is knowing somebody.

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