Working in a Headshop.

Discussion in 'General' started by Rezo, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. Something I would really like to do but I don't know if they would hire a full time college student for part time work. Maybe working full time in the summer? It just seems like a job I would enjoy and I could still pay the bills making minimum wage.

    EDIT: Anyone ever worked in one or have advice for getting hired? Maybe someone else shares this dream?
  2. you could open a personal headshop if you know what i mean. buy stuff in bulk nd re-sell it
  3. Yea but that would definitely be time consuming and result in a variable monthly salary because I would be working on commission only. Not the easiest for an engineering major unfortunately but thank you for the suggestion! :)
  4. You should go into the store and ask them if they are hiring. Tell them your availability and ask him if that works out for them. That's the best advice I could give. It's all up to the manager or owner who they will hire. us blades do not know whether they will hire you were not. Good luck though
  5. Don't walk in there stoned off your ass marveling at all the bongs and shit. They don't want the stoner stereotype pinned with their store. I worked at a headshop for a while, and everyone there smoked... but you can't act like you know about smoking weed with the customers or anything about weed.. So ya.
  6. just dont get all up in stoned peoples business when they are browsing. fuckin annoying.
  7. Thank you all for the advice! No worries about looking stoned most people don't even believe I smoke weed until they see me doing it. As for bugging the customers I know how annoying that is just from being one and I am less inclined to come back. I want the headshop I visit to be friendly and chill not all business.
  8. Gave my resumé out to 2 different head shops today so I am hoping for an interview now! I have a great resumé but the problem is I don't have much experience in sales. I can always hope I can veterans preference points haha.
  9. I heard its not really a good idea because you can't use it as a reference. No employer wants to hear you used to sell bongs.

  10. I spent 4 years in the military prior to that I worked security for a private community as a summer job and I worked for a security consulting firm this summer. I need a break from serious jobs and want something fun. I will probably do some work for veteran affairs as well so it doesn't look like I have a 4 year unemployment period. ;)
  11. I think you have a fair chance at getting a job. Most of the people that apply at headshops dont have good resume's! Just keep calling and walking in there and remind the manager/owner. They want someone that is a go getter!

  12. word.

    "see anything you like bro?"

    "wanna check something out?"


    Im one of those people that can look at something for an hour before I buy it. Its my money. Im not just gonna buy the first thing I see.
  13. Thank you BuddhistBrian! I would want the job because I know I would get along with the employees and would honestly enjoy it.

    Tokalo I do the same thing man. I will go over the cases a few times before I make a decision. I have had a guy watch and follow me around. I eventually just left without buying anything it was ridiculous.

  14. Honestly if I owned a headshop and saw you were from a military and security background it would make me think twice before hiring you.
  15. I hope your resume is good, because I heard this guy applied there too.

  16. Attached to my resumé was a picture of me with a ruler in my mouth with the 8 inch line on my lips. He doesn't stand a chance.
  17. Two headshops in my town. One just opened within the past 6 years. An ex-cop owns it. Always smells like chronic and she moves weight out of it. I honest to god don't know how she hasn't been busted, as it is literally a stones throw from the police station.

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