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  1. Due to my anxiety and depression becoming increasingly worse over the years I've had a lot of trouble finding, and keeping work. I was also born with a slightly weaker immune system so almost every job I would get sick after I started, new environment and people always touching things in stores, my system wasn't used to it. if I didn't get sick my anxiety would get in the way of me even going half the time.

    I want to find a good way of working from home, and to have a decent income for once in my life so I can get another car and actually have my shit together. If you blades can give me any ideas or point me to some good websites I would be grateful, been doing some research myself but haven't been totally sure where to look.
  2. Depend on your experience my friend works from home he's q architect

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  3. Self employment, contract work, or services are the type of work that can fit well for working from home. There are call centers that hire people to work at home. Google it and you'll find them.

    Working from home doesn't mean you don't have to leave the house. You still have to find things to sell or pick up jobs if you are self employed. I spent a fair amount of time developing my network years ago, and now get a lot of deals from those relationships. That meant leads groups, toastmasters, chamber of commerce after hours and other efforts that are outside the house.
  4. If you already have anxiety issues, don't even try call center stuff. It is easy to get work from home jobs through them but it is an extremely stressful environment. Most training classes lose 50% or more of perspective employees by the time they shift to live calls. Everything, and I mean everything is on a timer.
  5. Start a youtube channel!
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