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  1. Hey sup everyone? I was just wondering if Kroger drug tests people when the apply for a job. Also if they do random drug tests every now and then? I live in atlanta. I am planning on applying tomorrow to get money for weed:smoke:. I might do it online if that helps
  2. They do a mouth swab test.
  3. Im not sure if they drug test for initial employment, but Im sure that the only time they would test you once youre hired would be if they thought you looked high or if you got hurt. Thats how it was when I worked at Jewel.
  4. Do they do it every month or only when you apply?
  5. ...i got an interview, they showed me the test and i said fuck that and walked out. So, I didnt get the job...but im sure its just during the interview. Unless you get hurt, then im sure its mandatory..
  6. My bro used to work for that company at a grocery store and they did a drug test when he first started. mouthswab i think. and if you ever get injured on the job, they also test you but thats unlikely
  7. Thanks for your responses. I am not really that worried even though I am going to test the day after I just smoked. Also, after say i passed the test..... could i be high on the job and get away with it at kroger?
  8. They do a mouth swab test, but my friend works there and he said he somehow passed the test while he was high he said he had smoked less than an hour before he took it. Whoever developed that test should be ashamed of themselves, haha.
  9. They will absolutely drug test you pre-employment, and yes it is a mouth swab test which is arguably the easiest to pass. I've heard of individuals passing mouth swabs within 24 hours many times, but personally I would wait a couple days to go take it to be on the safe side. Brush your teeth well up until then, and right before you go in. Make sure you leave the swab in your mouth exactly how they instruct you so they'll get a good sample and won't have to test you again.

    I worked at a Kroger for several years and was never asked to take a random test. If you go in completely obliterated and screw up I'm sure any business would randomly test you. I wouldn't go in blazed for a good while until you've met and gotten to know your fellow employees (especially the managers) a bit. I've never heard about having to take a test if you get into an accident but I wouldn't doubt it at all. Hope that helps.
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  10. I just finished my interview with Kroger this evening. They did not perform a drug test. I am supposed to come back Tuesday to start training so perhaps they will do it then. Haven't smoked in like 10 days and have only recently started so I should pass easily. I'm going to stay clean until they either test me or I've reached the point where I can be sure that they simply forgot. Will post an update when/if they perform the test.

    Nice to know. Thanks!
  11. I applied and was interviewed in like 2012, and They tried swabbing me. I was like nah haha
  12. Swabs are easy to pass, it only goes back a day.
  13. I had an interview with a Kroger store (a new one called Main & Vine) Friday and will be going in today for the drug test/paperwork. It'll be about 45 hrs since I've last smoked when it's time to show up. Been brushing my mouth regularly as well as using mouth wash and peroxide. Currently snacking on salty crackers before I do my last brush routine before going.
    Anyway, does anyone know if they'll do the test/paperwork and wait for the results to come back before I'm officially hired and given a start date?
  14. I worked for them when I was 16, they do a swab in office like after the interview if I can remember, especially if they are interested in hiring.
  15. Ez job, shit pay, flexible hours, and as a courtesy clerk/combo clerk get high when you go outside to collect carts. It's a big part of the job especially if the parking lot is huge with high traffic areas.

    Definitely a job I recommend blazing through all the way, if you are a dependable employee, that is. Slackers need not apply and just stay home to get high.
  16. Just went, thanks for nothing guys.
  17. So did you fail?
  18. You are welcome. We can try to live your life better for you too if you wish, but looks like you can't pass anyway.
  19. Thanks for nothing? Did you fail? I mean, no one made you inhale except yourself...
  20. I hear smoking pole helps... lol but seriously... i have a swab soon for a warehouse job... just hoping i pass

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