worked medicali beaker

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  1. Hey guys, here's my beaker, picked it up a few weeks ago from a great local headshop, almost got a zob halo instead, but the medicali really stuck out, let me know what you think

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    the matching worked bowl with a nug of papaya kush sitting in it

    And the milkvid
  3. be careful with that shit. I've seen two medicalis practically explode from a one foot drop on to carpet.
  4. Nice piece, its a little small for my taste though.

    How does it hit?
  5. Good choice on getting the Medicali over the zob
  6. nice size, it looks comfy.
  7. It hits great, really smooth. Actually seems to be pretty well built and seems thick all over, has survived a few bumps already but im always careful with my glass.

    I normally run it with diffusion beads but got a few stuck in the perc so I haven't used them since
  8. Fuck yeah dude Medicali love!



    Nice piece. I really love their glass.
  9. Those are both sick, I love that bubbler. At the same shop they also had a rasta worked straight tube, a larger plain straight tube and a beaker like mine that wasn't worked, it was tough choosing the blue worked beaker lol
  10. I've seen two medicalis practically explode from a one foot drop on to carpet.[​IMG]
  11. Care to repost something that has already been said, dawg?

  12. Lol

    Not only this, but the glass is super sturdy. I find it similar to HiSi.

    I bought that^^ bong 3 days after getting a good job as a present to myself for working hard. Then 3 days later I tell my girlfriend to pack us a bowl on our back porch, smoking with my buddy, I was grabbing ice or drinks or some shit.

    Next thing I hear is my girlfriend breaking glass. I ran outside and she broke the downstem, the matching Medicali ash catcher, and matching Medicali bowl.
    This was on concrete with a stiff outdoor carpet.

    The bowl wasn't so bad, but it did have a decent chunk out of the ground glass area only. The bowl glass was fine, and so I kept using it even though it had a tiny vacuum where the ground glass was missing - like a BB.

    I replaced the ash catcher with a HiSi ash catcher. A few months later, I accidentally dropped it out of my closet sitting on my dresser and it survived!

    The bowls ground glass snapped a tiny bit more, so I retired it and bought a new Medicali bowl. The downstem again snapped, replaced that for 18mm pieces.

    The bong survived 2 drops totally, on carpet from 3 feet/ stiff outdoor carpet on concrete from a foot. The HiSi A/C survived the carpet fall. The thin ground glass was the only brittle piece on the bowl.

    This is medical grade glass. I say fuck Roor and all that bullshit.
  13. It seems like a very well built beaker, in glad to have heard your experiences to know that mine should last quite a while

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