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  1. So I started a new job a few weeks ago and it pays better than any I've had before. When I started training my crew boss told me I should expect to be picked up by a crew after 2 - 3 months because I've never worked a factory job before, and had no experience. Well this is my third week and I was lucky enough to get picked up by the best crew in the plant (Highest paid).

    They play pranks on the new guys once they are officially on the team. I had already been working for them for about three days so I assumed I wasn't going to have this happen to me. About half way into our shift my crew boss and quality leader pulled me aside and frantically told me they had an issue with our equipment.

    We handle extremely hazardous materials, and I was in a full body suit at this time. They told me I needed to run down to the warehouse and grab "insert part name". So I haul my ass down there (Our factory is a quarter mile long). The person working the warehouse says he isn't sure of what I'm talking about but acknowledges the urgency of the situation. He gets on the radio and asks everyone about the part.

    They tell me to go to the exact opposite side of the factory and retrieve it from another department. It takes me for fucking ever to get down there, I had never actually even been that far down the plant before and I was lost. I see someone I know so I ask them about it and they point me to the guy I was looking for.

    I say to him "Look, I've been hauling ass all over this factory looking for something, and I want to know if I'm being fucked with right now". Everyone starts laughing and apparently I was a part of a huge prank. I felt like I was being watched the entire time I was doing this.

    Apparently 2 plant bosses, 3 crew bosses, the warehouse, my team, and a few quality leaders had been in on this. They planned on sending me to the basement of the factory next (There is no basement). The record time for someone searching for this part is over 2 hours. They wanted to see how much time it would take me to figure it out XD.

    Jokes on them, I earned $7 at work while looking for this part and I took a 10 minute smoke break :p.
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    Factory jobs can get boring, be happy you're co-workers have a sense of humor.

    Congrats on the position though.
  3. lol nice - id like to try out factory work for a bit - how do you go about apply at them anyway
  4. adds some shita ang giggles to your day i suppose lol my mates a mechanic and they had a new kid on ther team,the new kid goes in the take a shit lol so they stood round the back off the building with french bangers to throw in the toilet window while other set off the fire alarm in the work shop! this kid pulled his trousers up mid shit and ran out of the toilet with the look of fear on his face ahah
  5. Depends on what type of factory job you are looking for and if there are any hiring in the area. I applied for this job online and was called in for an interview 4 hours later. It has the worst reputation of any factory in the state. I haven't seen one rumor about it turn true yet though, If you find one I wouldn't listen to anything you hear about it until you see for yourself.
  6. We pulled the old, "there's a pool on the roof" prank on the new guy about a month ago. He was so convinced, I thought he would show up in his trunks one day. We got security and a bunch of other people in on it. then he found out it wasn't real and was pissed for about a day or so, but i couldn't believe he had him going for so long.

  7. lol where do they have pools on the roof

    .... well okay i know but...
  8. First job i ever got and ever quit was a factory job. I just cant handle those places to well :/

  9. i have been to hotels with pools on the roof..

    thats a common prank that gets pulled in the highschool i graduated from, the school does not have a pool however they do have a swim team so upperclassmen will inform the new students that the pool is on the roof, or 4th floor which doesnt exist.
  10. damn, what kind of 3rd world country do you live in where $7 an hour is the highest paying position .
  11. I make $11.90/hr and I get a dollar raise every 3 months for my first year as long as I show up for work over 90% of the time. Thats pretty good in the rural midwest for unskilled labor.
  12. When my friend first got his job as a plumber, they asked him to go to the project manager (basically the top guy) and ask for a bubble for one of these..


    I lol'd

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