Work feels like shit!!

Discussion in 'General' started by tWiZstud, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. I'm at work right know I feel like shit my stomach hurts I feel lightheaded and my body aches...
    I don't wanna leave work... :(
  2. Ok...?

    I started feeling sick Thursday. Went home early Friday. Had off Saturday, called off Sunday. Feeling good today, I'm gonna leave for work shortly. Bullshit, getting sick in the middle of the summer.
  3. you needa smoke. get edibles or thc pills n take or eat at work
  4. I feel yah man..I'm at work right now as well, hungover as hell too. I really want to go home. :laughing:
  5. Sorry man tough it out if.u need the cash
  6. Hell yeah I wish I had edible connects were I'm at ..
    I remember taking brownies in high school lunch period haha best!!
  7. Just stay in work man.Your acting like your gonna get killed.Stay in work and don't give up.

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