Words "is" and "this" highlighted in blue?

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  1. Is it just me or does everyone else see the words IS and THIS highlighted in bold blue in every post? This just started happening 2-3 days ago.
  2. naw homey...not for me.
  3. interesting. every post that has Is and THIS is highlighted for me. not a big deal. was just wondering.
  4. so youre say this is highlighted? or is this?
  5. Mine did that when i used the search forum tool. Maybe you searched those words...
  6. Do you have any browser add on's enabled that highlight words ?

    Grasscity only has highlight feature when you search something.
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    BINGO!!! Now that you mention it, I did a search a few days ago that had the words IS and THIS in the search. But they are still highlighted when I go into any thread. :smoke:
  8. And I just noticed those words are not highlighted in this thread.
  9. haha there you go. I bet the phrase you searched was "is this gonna last forever" lol
  10. lol nah...I was searching for a video...I thought the thread name was "WTF is this"...but it was actually "what exactly is this video" lmao
  11. ok, add the word "leaves" to the list. it seems like all the words I used in searches a few days ago are now highlighted in blue in all the threads that contain those words.
  12. Nope.

    You be smoking that strong kind.
  13. Maybe try to search for no words in the search forum tool?
  14. ^ tried that. the search tool tells me to specify some words or a user name.
  15. Solution: clear cookies :)

    thanks all!

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