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  1. Hey yall.
    I'm Sarah, I live outside of Kansas City (representin' the midwestside). Just thought I'd say hey. Hit me up if you live near KC, I'd love to meet some new people to chill/smoke with.
  2. HIGH Sarah!!! Welcome to the city!!! Ya'll come back!! :wave: :smoking:
  3. I hope you like getting high, cuz everyone else here does. If you don't like it you should leave, but I have a strong feeling that you love it. Yeah, you love it don't you? Lol, I'm just fuckin around welcome to the city.
  4. hahaha.

    Tellin ME to lay off the crack rock...:O
  5. lol..hey hey welcome..but one thing... the midwest aint a side..in order to be a side ya gotta be at the end..east or west...

    NYC Represent!
  6. Point taken. But saying something like, "Representin' Kansas" just doesn't sound as cool as, " Representin'' the midwestside". Actually, neither one really sounds that cool. Forget it, LOL.

  7. Got to keep it gangsta

  8. (Representin' the midwestside) lol. I live in Lincoln,Nebraska so i'm not really that far from you Sarah. hey if you ever come up this way let me now i'll have a bowl loaded for ya, peace~

  9. True True...


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