Woot, new job kicks ass!

Discussion in 'General' started by Budder81, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. I recently got hired at a location very near my place, 6 miles instead of 35 miles to go to work, very pleased. Plus, ALL of the servers are cute and around 21ish of age (we serve alcohol).

    My first restuarant job with 401k meds and dental. Paycheck is a bit lower than last job, but I was promised (on paper) tat in 6 months I get good raise.

    Anyone else get a new job they actually like?
  2. grats man, where you work?
  3. same! i used to work at red lobster and i hated it. all the people i worked with were bitches and it was just a really bad environment. then my uncle tells me he's opening a sushi restaurant and would i work for him and of course i can't turn down family. well the two head chefs are fuckin awesome and we're like a family over there. plus we get fed after work always and can basically do whatever the fuck i want because it's so chill. love it. glad to hear that your job is going good!
  4. I love my job! I'm there right now. I do nothing all night except bs on the internet and make breakfast in the morning. It's fantastic.
  5. Whew! Man it was busy as hell can be, tips are gonna be goooood.

    I'd rather not diclose my work location... It's in socal.

  6. Well now u struck my curiosity! LOL
    Socal u say? Hmmmmm :D
  7. Well i signed up for that chacha thing sounds alright for just 10bucks an hiour defepindging how fast you go. betas leaving my house. ya digg!!
  8. Yeah, socal it is. If you come in wearing a bud shirt proudly, I'll hook u up.
    Jk, not yet, I'm new at the job, got no power yet.

    I'm sad, no drinking allowed at this work...

  9. Lol deal!!!!!
    Ill come in sporting a bud shirt, no problem haha
    Jk ill give u more time, i know how it is starting at a new place n all. Gotta get a feel for the managers n everything. Let us know how it goes though. Sounds like a chill ass place to work.

    Sucks that u cant drink...give it a lil time. Im sure u all can figure out a way :)
  10. I wouldn't say chill, we get hoards of hungry customers.

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