WOOT Day 6

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  1. It's day 6 since I've quit smoking cigarettes and honestly I can say that I've never felt better. My pee is clearer and doesn't stank as much. I can actually catch full breaths of air, heck I felt so good yesterday morning that I went for a run, and proceeded to cough my lungs out afterwards but then felt even better after that!

    Also, all I gotta do is think about the 30-50 dollars I didn't spend on smokes this week. Could easily contribute to a nice cut of nugs :).
  2. keep it up man

    for all of us who can't quit

    u give us (or at least me) hope
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    Honestly, I think the key to quitting is isolation from the substance.

    Every time I visit home to see my mom she is smoking and it brings back cravings like instantly. I almost rolled some tobacco into my last joint, but ended up forgetting and I'm glad I did.

    I've been staying with my girl at the Ronald McDonald house, it's a smoke free environment, also the hospital, smoke free, etc etc. I have never been able to quit for more than a day anywhere else. I think the longer I go without seeing or smelling cigarettes the more of a chance I have when I go back home and actually have to fight the urges that will come naturally.

    But yeah remember, if you're trying to quit, don't associate with smokers, even if they don't smoke around you it will be on your mind because it will be on theirs.

    Yeah, the RMDH is kindof acting as a rehab center for my nicotine addiction.

    Nicotine is the most addictive substance on earth. If you can control your nicotine addiction you can control anything in terms of mental habits and things like that. Control your nicotine, control your mind, control your habits.

    But this is the real reason I quit:
    Warning: Extremely Real Image
    http://s301.photobucket.com/albums/nn54/lovers_with_fats/Little Fats/?action=view&current=mj4.jpg
  4. u can do it

    (rob scneider voice)

    haha i totally butchered his last name
  5. Always remember this:

    Just one puff will send you spiraling downward again.

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