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  1. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:i got 20 xanax bars, promenthazine syrup, 15 alprazolams,2 oxycontin, and a blue valium!!!!!!!!! woooohooooo:hello::hello::hello::wave:
  2. :smoke::D:hello:
  3. pics or it didnt happen
  4. Haha. Sounds like you got quite a few im ya to man. Have fun. heath ledger that shit!!!!!
  5. 20 xanax and 15 alpros???

    too bad theyre the same drug :)

    have fun with that tolerance. next time get as many dif benzos as you can.
  6. xanax and alprolazam are the same thing
  7. He probly' meant the generic alpro without a brand name.

  8. they the same thing tho..
  9. they were for free so i took them?
    any one of you woulda taken them
    but i didnt take them all just now
    i was just saying i got them all for free and if i coulda gotten something else i would have
  10. i mean i got all of them for free but i didnt pop them all at the same time
    thats stupid
  11. and no i have xanax bars and 1 mg alprazolams not anything off brand without a name???
  12. good shit man. gettt fucked up :D

    whys everyone being an asshole?
  13. they're bored
  14. how did u get all of that for free... robbin houses?
  15. and jealous
  16. Yeah, but they come in two different forms... One's Xanax, the other's a generic.

    So you can't just say "I got so and so Xanax" if some are generic, because it wouldn't be completely correct. Same vice-versa.
  17. grandma gave me some haha

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