Woody you out there? i have some questions to ask ya

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by BlackMassStoner, Mar 5, 2003.

  1. Ok it's time to start budding for some first time growers .....they have a room thats 8-9 ft wide and 16 ft long or more but the main growing area is a 8ft area....they have mother plants they clone off and some clones and some 2 and 4 week plants that they are also in the process of growing...and a hydro bucket .....all the plants but 1 are planted in soil ...they have a dark black blanket to section off the 8ft area that will be used now to start budding, i know it sounds stupid but it does the job and lets no light in that area when it's dark...Now they got 2 flo-lux shop lights and 1 regular shop light about 4 ft long in the other section of the 8ft area ....So what im wondering is they have the 1000 watt hps light going on and off on a 12/12 setting time... now they had them at 18/6 before last night...so will it hurt the little plants and mother plants to put them back under the 1000 watt light when it comes back on so they can also have some of that good light then just before that light goes back off put them back under the shop lights????...they have a sun system 1000 watt hps light with the super 1000 watt light bulb.....also they have been using a grow juice,super thrive combo to get these plants nice and big and bushy......they stopped that and are now just using water and thrive....they also got some blooming juice and they wanted to know if thats ok to use and everything???......any opinions are very welcomed...please help help help lol...like i said these are first time growers for inside growing so please throw in some hekpful hints :).....thanks
  2. Thanks woody i'll tell them to do that and what about the blooming juice?? should they use it? or just use plain water and thrive???remember they stopped using the grow juice last friday...the night they started the 12/12 lighting...now this is the plants their going to flower not the mother and 2-4 week old plants because they still fert them.......By the way guys i took my sig off lol dont need it anyway....sorry for lagging ya :)
  3. Thanks very much woody for your help!
  4. when you say bloom are you talking about the plants or the bloom juice? sorry im dumb lol....i took it as you mean to continue fert with the grow juice and thrive and not use the bloom juice or what?......they have grow juice and bloom juice.....sorry just want to get this right
  5. Woody, you are one bad looking dude in your avatar. I bet you scare kids just walking down the street.
  6. my buddy was wondering about that avatar you have there also lmao...i like it :)......thanks woody again for your help...my buddies and me listen to your every word...your like our cult leader LoL :)

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