Woody Appreciaiton Thread

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by weedboss, Jul 22, 2003.

  1. No one else deserves to have a thread like this more then you Woody, this is for your beautiful buds, your maturity that you bring to the city and you as a person.

    Come everyone let's show Woody how much he is appreciated in this city and what he was done for us.


    we luv ya buddy.
    why do i feel like i'm thinking up shit to say in a get well card?

    i remember back in my earliest days as a blade.... i thought that woody might actually be Woody Harrelson! lol
    i also thought all them howard marks and mr nice guys were the real deal too. lol lol lol.

    all them times i done a rundown of some buddies here @ gc, woody always gets a mention. some might call him nuts, but i think he's one of the most round minded fellas alive. good for woody. about time he got a woody appreciation thread actually.
  3. Yay for Woody [​IMG]
  4. One day, my buds will be as nice as yours

    Then again, maybe not

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