Woods + Pitch Blackness + Being High = BAD

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  1. I'm way too high to explain my story right now but has anyone else had weird shit happen in the woods at night? (While high or not)
  2. i hate hearing noises in the woods at night, especially cause i cant see anything lol. sometimes bats come swooping down at me.

    last night i was outside smoking a joint and saw a skunk. that pretty much scared me. i started making noises and it ran off and sprayed somewhere in the woods (could smell it all thru my house cause it was pretty close)
  3. I was never really that scared, but one time it was pretty dark outside and me and my friend were smoking in this little patch of woods behind this school and all of a sudden, we heard this creepy creeking/squeeking noise and it was really loud and weird. Then we look behind the building and see a swing set with nobody in it, but the swing was still moving, making that noise. We got in the car and drove off with the windows down, and as we were driving away, the noise started up again and we never saw anybody at the swings, especially seeing how it was late as fuck on private property so I don't know who would be there at that time of day.
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    If its on the ground, then yes!
  5. My English teacher said he saw floating white orbs in the woods with his brother when they were both hiding from the cops.
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    Your English teacher saw the cops flashlights...

    And no I find it very peaceful in the woods at night. I grew up on a huge farm with a lot of woods and know it like the back of my hand. I could walk across it Blindfolded at night and neither get scared nor lost. If something was going to get me it would have a long time ago. Then again the .40 tucked behind my belt will put most peoples minds at ease.
  7. Iv'e been in the wood's once never to speak about what happen that night.
  8. I went camping with a group of stoner musicians in Poland we ran I pitch black woods with hand made bows and arrows until we found a cow and we shot it but the arrows went like 2 feet so we rode on it like a horse
  9. I've smoked in the woods at night before, it honestly scared the shit out of me, but coming out of the woods afterwards is so surreal.

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