wooden grow box.....?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by budblower10, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. hey guys. i want to start a closet grow, and i need to have some type of growbox. i was wandering what you guys use? should i make one out of wood and paint it all white? i know some people use like little closets or like old refrigerators, but couldnt i juse make one out of wood to fit perfectly in my closet? would wood be an alright material to use? thanks alot guys
  2. wood is perfectly fine...build the box to the desired size you want...and have a opening side...one side should open by hinges or make it so the top can lift off. You will want to paint the inside just flat white, meaning no gloss. You probably are going to want to grow using fluroescent lights which would be best considering the material ur using is wood. Floros keep the temp low so 2 computer fans should be fine 2 vent. Make sure you have one intake fan and one exhaust
  3. that was my next question about exhaust. what is an extremely simple, but effective, exhaust system? thanks alot
  4. This is an old book shelf i got at the thrift store for 15 bucks.
    This is before and after the door/hinges/lock and latch on other side.
  5. an easy way for ventilation would be going out to a computer store such as radio shack, best buy, circuit city etc... buy 2 computer fans... your going to also need 12v AC adapters. cut the end plugs off both the fans and the ac adapters then splice the wires. Your going to then connect the ac adapters to the fans. one AC adapter can run 2 computer fans but i always just use 2 seperate ones. when u spice the wires together if there is copper wiring showing just tape them up with some electrical tape. Your going to need 2 holes in ur box, one for each fan. You want one fan sucking new clean air in, and one to blow the old air out. I put my exhaust fans on top and the intake fan on the bottom so the fresh air moves upwards and the old air is sucked from the bottom and is pushed out through the top.

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