Wooden Grinders

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by johnwau, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Does anybody else use wooden grinders? I have a diamond grind 4 piece metal one with a kief catcher, but i recently got a sweetleaf wooden grinder and im loving it. Although it doesnt have compartments to store weed or kief, it grinds up super nice especially when i use small amounts. I find it breaks the weed up similar to using your hands rather than slicing it.

    Anyone else appreciate wooden grinders?
  2. wood grinders are awesome. I find, tough, that over excessive use, the resin and wood combo becomes very sticky

    This can happen with metal too, but metal is easily cleanable, wood- not so much.

    I have both wood and metal. I use the metal as my main guy, and the wood if I get some kind of hyped up over priced strain, no real reason though.
  3. for sure. thats all i have ever had.

    i had a 3 chamber small wooden one that was fantastic..before it was confiscated by the gummint hahah.

    much love to wooden grinders

  4. my friend has a sweetleaf to but after a year of use it does get sticky. but they work great

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