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  1. I don't see any thread for wood pipes so I decided to start one :D post pics of your wood pipes, even if they are old. I know most of my friends and I started with wood pipes as teens so maybe you did too.
    This was my first pipe

    Still use it and love it :smoking:
  2. [​IMG]

    Some pipes I made last week (Wake & bake+power tools=bad fuckin idea)
  3. I've been making my own wooden pipes for about 3 years, my first pipe was just a wooden rectangle with some holes in it that my brother gave me hahaha, I also own glass pipes and a bong(that my friend broke :( ), but i still use the wooden ones every now and then..
  4. ive got a sweet deer antler pipe.

  5. Did you make it yourself?

  6. no but someone else carved it, i bought it from them. ill post a pic if you want?

  7. Please do :D
  8. deer antler pipe. i forked like 30 or 40 over for it, cant remember??
  9. That. Is. Awesome.:hello:
    That is without a doubt the best antler pipe I've seen.
  10. that is a badass antler pipe!!
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    Yeah dude that is pretty badass i like how I theres so much pot related shit in that picture chillin in the background and that plate hahaha + rep
  12. Sweeeeeet pipe man! Keep posting pics, I want a sticky of awesome wood pipes

  13. you should use some sand paper to smooth them out, they would look alot better.
  14. I personally never liked smoked herb from wood pipes but I have had a few antique and more modern wood and bamboo opium style pipes on decoration and a few like OP's on decor :)
  15. Wood pipes scare me, lol (probably just my own ignorance). Sick looking pieces though. Smoke on!

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