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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Lexus_Rolla, Jul 25, 2003.

  1. Hey what's up. My friend gave me 2 seeds from his dad's crop and man this stuff is awesome. I'm still smashed. Anyways, the 2 seeds I have are on a paper plate with a wet napkin over them for the night. Do I need to make it longer? If so, then please tell me how long. And if not, then what should I do with them after that?
  2. keep em warm 70-90 degrees once they crack put them in some poting soil and have the root facing down, dont touch the taproot. IS this going to be an outdoor grow? if so its a bit late depending on where you live. Good luck
  3. Yeah it's an outdoor grow. I live in Tennessee so I don't think it will be to bad. I don't plan on these plants producing weed...I just want to try my hand at growing them. So I guess tomorrow if they have started sprouting I put them in some potting soil outside with the sprout in the soil? Do I need to use miracle grow, or water, or spray them with anything?
  4. Thats cool though, at least youl have it down for next years grow and have some experience. You might just make it depending on where you live in texas, it'll be close. Just use water till there second set of potiny leaves come out, then use 1/4 stength 10-10-10 then increase over the next 3 weeks till then give em full strength. Wen flower comes use miracle grow 15-30-15. You can try other ferts, and may need to make changes if you plant needs it but thats what me and others here use with good results and no problems.
  5. Lol I live in Tennessee Gr0wer. Anyways, small update. It's been almost 24 hours since I've been germinating and I still have no sprouts. I'm not sure if it takes a long time, or I might have gotten bad seeds, but they aren't sprouting as of yet. I wonder if perhaps I drowned them or something. Any suggestions would be most helpful.
  6. Well they are sitting in a tiny cup thing that comes with couch syrup medicine. There is plenty of water in it and they are floating. Is that bad? I'd hate to kill these seeds. And the more I think about this the more worried I am about getting caught...
  7. Lol. No pipe.
  8. I guess I smoke to much...man, i swear you said texas :p

    it usualy take about 2-3 days max to germ. personaly i like the papertowel meathod. I feel its faster done right.
  9. No alchohol, and I don't like to drink. Ok, they were originaly in the paper towel, so I'll move them back to that shortly. I'll let you guys know how they go.
  10. Okie dokie, small update. After thinking about what Gr0wer said, I put the seeds back into the paper towel soaked in water, but they still weren't germinating. He said to keep them warm, and in my house it's generally about 71 degrees to 69 degrees, so I wrapped them in paperplates, and taped it up, then put it inside my computer case where it's quite warm. I'll check in the morning and if they haven't germinated by then I don't think they will at all, because it's been almost 4 days.
  11. Good idea! yea 71-69 is bad for germing. You should put a thermometer in with the seeds so you know your not stressing them. It could be just taking so long becasue they werent kept warm.
  12. Well when I got up this morning I opened my computer case and checked them out, still no germination. I've given up at this point, it's to late to grow this late anyways. But I'll gank a few seeds from a friend's stash and be growing next year.

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