woo im back

Discussion in 'General' started by dr_krapp, Aug 29, 2003.

  1. i just came back from my second week down in bude
    there was sun sand and surf, 7ft waves woo!!!!

    'twas cool
  2. Welcome Back!

    smoke any good weed while you where gone?
  3. i'll get the pics soon, i had a water proof camra and took some of the massive waves heading rite for me lol.

    didnt have anyhing to smoke down there but i got stoned once i'd been back like 3 hours lol
  4. YAY the village idiot is back. I think obliviot was trying to fill the shoes while you were away lol

    yes, PICS! a must. I got chills thinking about the pics :) and stories! YES! stories must accompany pics :) *sigh* east coast is disappointing. gotta wait for the storms to brush through to get decent breaks!
  5. it must be great being a woman... so easily excited by little things like holiday snaps, riding the perpetual emotional roller coaster. ... oh wait... no... that must be crap. lol.

  6. agreed hahahah.

    chicks got it tough. emotions are nutty.

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