Wonka Presents... Acid Trips!

Discussion in 'General' started by antwanp, Apr 8, 2006.

  1. This is a trippy fucking picture from ytmnd.com


    The whole thing... with the background sounds is on http://wonkatrip.ytmnd.com/

    If you're stoned... :D :wave:
  2. +rep!!
    Willy Wonka's the coolest MF in the world.
    >>http://lazytownworkit.ytmnd.com/ (This is for you, ars ;))
    *Idk, it has the same "ytmnd" thingy, so I thought I'd put it here*
  3. Shit, not the Office Space guy.
    "I want my stapler back. It's a red Swinline." lol

  4. That's crazy!
  5. Hehe thats great willy wonka rocks pretty sweet man :smoking:

  6. i cant believe ytmnd is still around. you all remember the picard song ones? great stuff... maybe i'll go see if my old stuff is still there...

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