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    If I put my plant in the dark for 36 hrs would it make my just starting to flower (outside) lady a boost.Reason for this is I'm worried about frost coming before it is completely done. I have read where growers have done this to start flowering. But will it help once its started. Maybe its a stupid question. Not sure Im even gonna do it just curious if it will work. Not sure of strain its a plant a buddy needed to get rid of.
  2. It will start it but depending on your location you will likely have to cover it and uncover it at [roughly] the same time every day until daylight is apx. the same as that schedule. I've been doing that for about 8 weeks so far. It helps that I have all the time in the world and am willing to enslave myself to the girls for the season.
  3. I would have done that but my buddy just gave it to me. Its in a 5 gal bucket. Might just go with it see what happens.

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