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  1. HIGH All, just wondering if you take clones O.F.F.F. a polypoid would the clones be like Mom?
  2. now that's a good question.......why you got one?......be a good plant to clone, clones would grow to be strong and a good yielder.......Peace out........Sid
  3. yes, the clones will be polyploid. You will find that sometimes new horizontal growth will diminish the more obvious poly characteristics. As this growth developes, the cuttings from this area will also reflect diminished poly characteristics. I am not sure, but I think a plant can naturally grow out of polyploidism. I have found that some polyploids do not reveg with the same characteristcs. Either way clone, clone, clone!!! Some polyploids have exceptional flowering vigor.
  4. i agree with everything forest said except about the 'growing out of poly'.

    dont rightly think u can. u can seed out of it ofc but the genes is the genes.

  5. polyploidism is more of a genetic freak than a consistent phenotype. It always remains in the genes but does not have to show. I think I used the wrong words when I said a plant can naturally grow out of polyploidism, they can be manipulated from cuttings and reveging, to hide or lose those characteristics.
  6. polyploid by definition is just having an extra set of genes.

    in humans we have 23 pairs ... if u were polyploid...u may have 23 x 6 pairs.

    in a human of course u would die...but if ur a plant...this might have some growing benifits.
    but...always the sex organs produce the correct # of genes to miosis with. (or is it mitosis...never could keep the straight). so seeds must always have 1 set from mom and 1 set from dad.

    anyhow sometimes when u polyploid something...u are trying to make it grow like a sonofabitch. u can add some hormones to meristems that make it go poly on ya. and then forever that particular plant has those sets of genes being replicated and the plant itself is doomed to a life of replication in multiploidisms.

  7. Wow! I never realized there was that much maniulation involved (the ability to create a polyploid). Other than cloning them, I have not experienced the ability or satisfaction of polyploiding. I see that you used doomed to a life of replication, is this a bad thing? or a good thing?
  8. well...in humans its called cancer or radiation sickness or genetic mutant and a likely life of no propigation .
    so in that way i guess its bad.



    couple of links i found for animals.

    but im MJ i guess it could be either bad or good.


    a link about MJ. i have no idea who this is but they are right. i got a buddy that uses colchicine just to f em up for fun.

    also i guess i misspoke before and wanna clear up something.

    if u purposely poly somthing, like a seed or a meristem, u are causing genetic mutation. maybe 90% (maybe more or less) of that mutation us useless to the plant and the plant either dies and/or cant have sex and reproduce.

    but if ur in that 10%...where there is some benifit to u and the plant so that u get a 'strain' or viable seed...then maybe its good.

    ill give an example of this...tho im making it up but certainly it could be true. u would need to do genetic study to figure out if something is poly or not and what the # is.

    lets pretend everyone's favorite MJ strain 'skunk' is a purebred. it only has diploid or 2 sets of genes...one from mom and one from dad. everything fine and dandy. u can add a virus, u can add colchicine to the seeds or in all reality shit just happens and u get a mutant. so lets say u get 100 seeds from this 'mutant' sex act.. 1 in 100 of those seeds has a 'charactoristic' that u find 'good' maybe more chrystal or larger leaf or what ever. now u have lets say a polyploid of 4x genes and we will call it 'skunk #1'. now u screw with it again...to make an 8x then 16x...each time getting new charactoristics that u enjoy...pretty soon u have a 'blueberry' (my personal fav.) stable polyploid 128x gene pool.

    as a side note. salvia divinorun is prob some sort of poly salvia that has some sort of intoxicating formula but also cannot produce flowers. the native peoples prob did breeding and the end of the seed road for SD is what we have now...so u only take a cutting. i dont know this for a fact but that is my guess and im sticken to it. its a good story anyhow.
  9. HIGH All, thanks for the input....sorta of knew..just wanted to see what you All would say. Thanks again people.

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