Wondering what this is

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Dalcowis, Feb 19, 2023.

  1. Thanks for any reply

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  2. your photo sucks
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  3. Oh wow I have no camera or anything close to that
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  4. I just took your picture and ran it through the auto-filter using Paint.net (which is freeware).
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  5. Some of us are old and not tech savvy I just wanted to no what's go on with my plant.
  6. I wasn't sure what is going on. If lines like this continue to show up, I would guess you have insects burrowing and eating tunnels through the leaf. You can inspect underneath etc.
    But I wouldn't start freaking out over one line, only if it continues. You may want to do some preventative measures and spray them (near lights out, not during lights on) with something like Safers Concentrate (EndAll) containing insecticidal soap and pyrethrin, but observe first.
  7. Good deal I'm going to try lost coast plant therapy spray thanks for answering.
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  8. Looks like someone set a watering bucket or something on the leaf when watering and it caught on the planter edge.
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