Wondering if i need a bigger tent. And also what i should expect for yeild

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by kk330707, Jul 19, 2017.

  1. This is my first grow I have been vegging for 4 months. I was just wondering what I should expect for yield. And if I should be getting a bigger tent? I have a 2x4 tent I was thinking about getting a 4 x 4 tent, but I was also concerned with light if I got a bigger tent. I recently put light under the canopy because it was looking bad underneath, is this a good or bad idea, should i just lolipop them instead? 15004943718491043648656.jpg 15004945154241643637999.jpg 15004942271081871585887.jpg 15004942271081871585887.jpg 15004942651721209311291.jpg
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  2. You are aware that after you flip to 12/12 they will grow 2-3 times their size right? (Sometimes even more)
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  3. The light undrr the canopy is worthless. I would move it to above the canopy.

    Also would do alot of trimming. Look into lollipoping.

    Next i would flip those things real soon. As stated above plants grow big and fast during flower.
  4. Do you guys think i should move up to a 4x4 tent? The canopy is pretty thick. And i want to have the besy yeild and bud possible.
  5. If it were me, I would get a 4x4 for flowering and use your 2x4 for veg.
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  6. Why did you veg them for 4 months? Just curious.
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  7. Yea 4 months vegg is a long tyme

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  8. You vegged for 4 months in a tiny ass tent wow man you musta not read anything before doing that top the bitch low scrog it and give it a week of veg and flower fill up the whole light coverage area even and you will yeild a ton

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  9. Those are small for a 4 month veg...
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  10. Idk just kept letting them go, lol I wanna yield alot
  11. I am happy with how my first grow I turning out. Probably would have had better results if I hadn't went with led.
  12. I didn't do a lot of research, but I have topped them a lot lol
  13. Your plants look fantastic! :weed: You may even want to go with a 5 x 5 tent if you have the room.
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  14. Want me to help when you chop? :)

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  15. I am also willing to help you cut them down! :)

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  16. Again people dont understand its not how long you veg em or how many you have yeild is tied to how much light u can provide 1000 actual watts avg decent yeild 1000g
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  17. As of now I only have 500w on them
  18. is that a 300w and 200w led? they dont actually pull that many watts.

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