Wondering how my first plant is going

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Am i doing good or bad? Haha

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  3. Hang in there?

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    First grow, i think i have messed things up from overwatering to wrong ph's but I've tried fixing wrongs once they there spotted. Any feedback or advice will be much appriciated!

    Wos Afghan kush ryder fem auto(4w 3d old)

    Light: First 3 1/2 weeks i used a 300w LED that came with the grow tent bundle. Recently switched to Higrow optical lens-series 1000w (24in away from canopy, 20h on 4h off)

    Soil: ffof (start of week 4 i started the nute schedule, 1/3 strength, no sign of nute burn)

    Temps: usually between 80-87 (85 avg) with 50-60 rh.

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  2. Take pics under natural light if you want opinions on how you're doing. The bluple lights make it impossible to see the true color of the plant.
    Welcome to GC. :)
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  3. Ill do that right now!!

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