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Wondering about yield of THC Bomb and Big Bud

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by glarramir, Aug 27, 2011.

  1. I was wondering what a good estimate of what I would yield would be. I would be using 2 1000 watt MH/HPS lights with 9 plants under each light. FFOF Potting Soil in 5 Gal buckets, Sensi Grow Two Part for Veg, Sensi Bloom Two Part for flowering stage, and Voodoo Juice. The strains I wanted to grow are THC Bomb and Big Bud because they don't branch out alot and they're high yielding. What do you think I would yield..about?
  2. Dude no one here can answer that for you I have learned from years of experience to never set your expectations too high..The only thing that fucks up a good grow is if you chop em down early I have seen numerous grows on this site and a couple of my own when I first started to grow screw up some great plants with an itchy trigger finger..

  3. Anyone can tell you the experience that they had with these strains. Might not be the same as yours though.

    You can find information online about both of these strains. You can find the average yield from that info. Keep in mind though that those are numbers the breeders came up with and not necessarily indicative of your results. Rather than think of your yield in terms of how much per plant why not think of it in terms of how much yield per harvest or how much yield per watt of light used.

    I had a friend recently who started to grow indoor. He thought because he was good at growing house plants that he would automatically yield a .25 pound per plant. He had no idea what he was doing but he was determined to stick to that idea, he was very disappointed in the end when he did not get that and refused to accept the very reasonable conclusion that this was his first try at this and he did not have it dialed in. My guess is you will do better than that, just don't get caught up in yield before you get caught up in the grow.
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    i Have 3 thc bombs going now and they are pretty big bushes. i train them down because i have a 7 foot cieling and have my lights vertical. running on two 400 watt t5s 4 42 watt cfls 2 40 watt led red/blue spec. doing awesome minus the fact they are yellowing and curling as well as brown spots. finally got pictures so if anyone could help me out with some advise. i know i shouldnt be growing with ver lights but my last grow was the same way and yielded almost a pound off 3 like plants. This is my second grow ever and really dont understand how people have pictures 2 weeks into flower and have center colas bigger then my head lol im in week 2 with 2 fems and one not sure yet. any help would be greatthanks.. also i flushed 3 times in last 2 weeks trying to cure this. tried nitr. flushd, cal/mag flushed, so now i went into my compost pile and dug up some fresh new worm castings and replanted them. as well as added a dozen worms into themix so they can airate my soil and continue to clean the soil out. i dotjis with my garden so hope it works here as well.

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  5. If you have good light coverage, use some lst, don't have any problems, and use good nutes I would expect 2 lbs or a little more. Potentially you could pull 4 lbs if you lst a ton. Good luck.
  6. I have heard quite a few people say that their THC bombs looked like sativa plants. I had 5 feminized THC Bomb plants, and every one looked like total indica. All were exactly the same. Huge fat leaves,thick stems and stalks and compact as could be. The only other plant I have ever had or seen have the vigor of THC Bomb, was the Ultimate (dutch passion). Both of these strains are impressing the hell out of me. I have not flowered them yet,but I will get a massive yeild no doubt.The THC bomb plants are like Bansai trees,after just a couple of weeks from seed. I thought my BC Mangos grew like crazy,but these are the ''Bomb''!
  7. The strains I wanted to grow are THC Bomb and Big Bud cuz they don't branch out a lot

    i Have 3 thc bombs going now and they are pretty big bushes

    And there you have it!


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