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  1. I know the police department isnt giong to bust out the chopper to check out my grow and arrest me.

    But i am considering a spot that is pretty ideal, except for the possibility that helicopters heading to the hospital a quarter mile away see it.
    You see, the spot is on top of a warehouse with a tin roof. One side of the warehouse is entirely overgrown and has trees leaning over. I should be able to hide a few plants in perfect light along the edge of the trees, but i worry that anyone in a helicopter might look for and report such things.

    Am i being crazy? Are emergency pilots going to notice potted plants on a roof? would they say anything?
  2. why don't you just ask the pilots.
  3. I doubt they would say anything dude..

    And on the roof?? Kinda sketchy, how high is the roof?
  4. I think that the pilots job is to really get the paitents to hospitol as fast as possible. i dont really think they will be distraceted by looking at roofs
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    Yeah but its kinda hard to not see a random plant on a roof, then it takes two whole seconds of processing for you to figure out that its marijuana. Who's gonna grow anything else on a stranded roof? Apples? Tomatoes? Watermelons? No ***** they gonna get you.

    choppers are around here too! heard them flying low as helllllll the other night.

    oh no i wasnt bashing u or cursing at you its just my dialect, how I talk is how im gonna type
  6. Wow. I was in the middle of typing a response here when decided to go out and check out the one plant i put up there already. I get to the spot and see that my water jug is on the ground. Look up. The shit is GONE. Already. Its been there for like 5 days and it got nabbed. I put the plant up there as insurance, because people have been nabbing plants lately, and this was my prized sour diesel plant.

    Damnit. Bunch of savages in this town. I guess i will never even try to grow outdoor around here. Ive had crop hunting problems every season, and even in my top secret rooftop guerilla spot, scum bags find their way up there to take my pride and joy away from me. Makes me feel like killing every man woman and child I see near my property. And theres a daycare center across the street.

    Luckily, I took some clones off her before she went up on the roof(my first clones ever) and theyre living happily and safely in my house. Im still fucking around with my indoor setup, but i will soon have a grow cab fit for a king. Well, a queen. Or two or three.

    Thanks everyone, and I wish you all better luck than my own.
  7. hey bro im thinking it could be rackcoons f@@@ with your shit they come out at night and people your talking about got the time to go on a roof to ripp you off?? minght be aninals and probly dont leave your water jug up their better chance egting spoted by heli's

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