Wonderful Night, somehow improved!!!!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by nushaganazad, May 26, 2006.

  1. Ill make this quick, and detailed hopefully.
    well my fellow blades, tonight was ONE HELL OF A NIGHT!!!!
    It started off at about 7, my boy Brian comes over and were just chillin with nothin to do, then decide well, lets see the first showing of Xmen 3 tonight, at 12.01.
    so we leave my house, at about 830, on our way to the Levee for a SWOV meet, its a volkswagen club thing that meets there every tuesday and thursday down there, whatever. Well we leave and were both penny-less and alli have is a 25 buck gift card to the levee, no cash. So i just plan on spending money on just the movie, nothing else.
    Well we get there i check out all the hott ass cars and talk to people with brian, i dont really know anyone. And it starts to pour down rain, so we call sprint down to Hooters, The one on the river. I go in sit down with brian and a few other guys, me and brian the only ones at our table, everyone else spread throughout the place, its about 930 about now. Well i order a water, from this BANGING fuckin waitress, i mean beautiful, about 5'3 honest to god double D breast, and a nice ass to match, I mean this girl was straight up gorgeous, she was our waitress, names Kandy. Well after brian leaves the table to talk to other people im sittin there alone, feelin like a loser lol, and the waitress comes back up, and i start talkin to her more and more, and she sits down and we keep talkin, im flirting like hardcore, and i cant tell if she is or not, she was 22, im 18 so im just talkin to someone to talk to, so i text nate, tell him, he tells me to try and bang her. haha, i laugh it off knowing this girl is wayyyy outta my league.
    Well after about 5 mins more of talking she is like, do you honestly want anything to eat or drink? and winks, im like well, i guess a coke would be nice.
    Anything else?
    Nah, thanks though.
    You sure?
    How about some wings?
    what flavor?
    what ever you like is fine by me.
    well i dont hear from her for about 10 mins, but brian is back, and were talkin and chillin. So she comes back, with 30 hott wings, 2 baskets of fries, and a coke, im liike hell fuckin yea, so i just blatently come out, like a retard, can i get your number? and with a big smile, YES!!!
    So i get her number, dont pay for ANYTHING cause it was all on the house and leave and walk up to the movies,(all within a few mins of eachother walking distance) its about 1115 by now. we get the tickets, go sit and wait for a fukcing hour to start the movie, bla bla bla bla, IM the fuckin JUGGERNAUT BITCH!!! <<----best line EVER!!!
    Well the movie ends at 2-210 im not sure, and we SPRINT OUT, first out of the whole 5 sold out theatres, and we run to brians car. He is like what now? i go, let me call kandy, call her up, and she is at the Red Cheetah, dance club about 15 mins away, i go and get dropped off, she is waiting outside for me, and we talk and decide by now, 230 or 245, that we will just go chill and talk, so we shoot out to my house, 15 20 mins more, and its about 3 at the time, and we get to my house, im about to say bye, and we get into a serious hard core make out thing, im sure u wanna hear haha.
    Welll without more being said, Its 338 right now, and there is a beautiful waitress watching my type this in my bed. I just had to tell you guys.
    And now back to my wonderful night. Hope your night was just as good guys. lol.
    hope i didnt leave anything out, see you fellas in the morning, and kandy says, she likes the site haha

  2. Well I worked until 9 pm and am drinking myself to sleep because I'm out of weed.
  3. .......nice work dude, i didnt actually think u were gonna get with her the way you were talking about her

    *mumbles* lucky mother fucker ;)
  4. sounds like an awesome night.
  5. Hey fellow people of Grasscity

    This is Kandy, Dan is in the shower, lol. just as he explained it last night was amazing, We had a blast, but i get the feeling he is tired, since u know, no sleep n all lol.
  6. better not of made him too tired, he has some serious partying to do :smoke:
  7. you got a pic ;) haha j/p

    sounds like you had a wonderful nite:D
  8. yeah, i'm sure you're not him posin as someone else or anything? hope bout givin us your number along with some pics to clarify? JK :p

    But, lucky bastard he is. I remember one time i was in DC and saw this wicked hot waitress, damn i wish my family wasn't with me :p
  9. nusha aims to please and never dissapoints. lol nuff said.

    edit: You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to nushaganazad again.
  10. :D :D :D

    what else can i say, last night was just, :hello: :hello: , i think this weekend is going to be unreal, Tim is on his way here to go get a qp, not as cheap as usual, and hopefully get some free blow with it for the night, and then There is a party tonight(i think) and a kegger tom night, this weekend is gonna rock.
  11. pics of the girl?
  12. thats not gonna happen, pretty damn sure
  13. nush, when the hell can i come up there to party with you guys?
  14. anytime talon

    and yes i got pics of her Tokin haha, not on my digi, but on my cell phone, but im sure it wont be the last time we hang out, so if u guys are reallly that interested i can provide pics lol
  15. ...glad ur weekend is turning out good.

    ...mine is turning shitty as each moment passes by.............fuck
  16. Hell yea +rep for you man....I got laid too
  17. dude smoke her out
  18. This is an extremly random thread, not to say I didn't enjoy it though, haha...

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