Wonder Woman, California Orange Bud, Kings Kush, Bubba Kush

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Grassyblues, May 21, 2010.

  1. :wave:Just ordered those strains and was just seeing if any body had any experience with any of them, good or bad i would be interested if you have the time. Have been running Cheese and Trainwreck a while now but wanted something new:smoke:.
  2. :wave:well ordered them from the 'tude for the first time right before i posted here and they are already in route (just got an email not long ago)
    last time ordered thro dope-seeds, was happy and ship times were short but wanted to try attitude
    i know some people love them and some hate them
    i will let you know where i sit fairly soon lol

    you guys telling me no one has ever grown any of these 4 strains???
    searched for journals or grows of them but only found a few:smoke:

    looking forward to orange bud, i know some ppl are like wtf but for me it has special meaning ;)
  3. + to attitude, shipped last friday and came today, this is gonna be a good weekend, i can tell

    and move the thread if this should be in seed bank area please, lol no responses for any of these 4 strains??? well maybe with the next order on june fourth, guess i have bad taste ;)
  4. I grew California orange a while back,Huge buds But was fluffy, coulda been a phenotype thang

    best smelling buds I ever cured A+ in my book

    I grew her out organic,and her feeding schedule was about 800 PPM,Never pushed her further cuzz i was afraid of nute burn

    But it looked like she easily coulda gone up to 1,000 PPM with no prob

    Enjoy her man she is a lovely smoke :D
  5. sounds just fine to me lol, orange has a place in my heart... tear....
    lol thanks for the info:smoking::wave:

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