Women-only dining – is there a double standard?

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  1. Women-only Dining - Is there a double standard? - The Libertarian Republic
    I found this an enjoyable read and completely agreed with the author.
  2. I find that it is just something that is meeting a demand. I'm sure there's a lot of women who want to grab a bite to eat without getting picked up by assholes. I see it is a good thing.

    If mens only dining sprung up I'm sure some Tumblr feminists would attribute this to the "patriarchy" but the number of those people would probably be negligible.

    Some double standards just won't go away. Just live and let live, ensure equality under the law in legal matters.
  3. If they want to exclude roughly half of their potential customers then so be it. (I understand that thats their selling point)

    I assume their demographic is mostly lesbians.
  4. My country club had a men's only restaurant in it. It's called the men's grill. So I'm fine with both. It doesn't effect me.
  5. I also love lesbian porn
  6. I think that the womens right movement has really gutted what it means to be a man, we as men have become totally desensitized and vaginized. Young men are brought up to be totally subservient to women and how they feel.
  7. wow.. youre immature
  8. How is restricting genders from eating somewhere any different than restricting races from eating somewhere? I wonder how Penelope feels about this one.
  9. you mean amateur? :ey:
  10. if thats what youre into :ey:
  11. Women don't like guys like you jacking off on their French fries.
  12. So a tranny walks into a girl only bar and the bartender says....

    [quote name='"Elechronic"']"What do you think Sarge, do you think this is paraphernalia?" "Well, it does say 'weed loading surface' on it."
  13. This got me thinking about a commercial I saw a while back for "blackpeoplemeeting.com". I automatically wondered if it was whitepeoplemeeting.com. I could just hear the fake outrage.

    But yeah I'm all for people having preferences...without being condemned for them.
  14. So the cooks are female too? :)

  15. I have no interest in eating at a ladies-only establishment.
  16. But how is restricting genders from eating somewhere any different than restricting races? Why aren't you outraged?
  17. hmm there are restaurants where its men only for the most part....

  18. I saw that commercial as well and you're right, there would be an outrage. The commercial is wrong and should be pulled.
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    the commercial was laughable. "meet exciting black people" wtf? lol? thought i was watching a dave chapelle skit, awaiting the punchline.

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