Women need men to give them equality

Discussion in 'Politics' started by VikingToker, May 2, 2011.

  1. They cannot take it.

  2. They?.. We've always separated ourselves from other groups just as animals do. If we're going to achieve equality we need to stop thinking we are better than any living thing on earth.

  3. Should I have said "You"? English is not my first language.

    I figured that was not the point.

  4. I thought what they did was take it? :confused:
  5. Sister was promoted and you were fired?
    Has someone been rejected?
    Someone needs a hug? :p
  6. Oh, no, I'm just trying to be thought-provocative.

    Women make less than men doing the same job, that's simple fact. Just wondering at people's opinions, on an internet forum where we often are a little more honest. :smoke:
  7. Women also have to sit down when they pee while men get to stand up, discuss..

  8. So you're saying it's natural law that women make less than men doing the exact same thing?
  9. Women have some catching up to do, but they'll make it.

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