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  1. Hello,
    I was recently at lunch with a friend, his gf, and a couple of other girls from my institute. We were talking about Sochi and the russian anti-gay laws. Russia's anti gay laws have generated MASSIVE political backlash and worldwide outrage.
    Islam came up, and my friend's gf rather poisonously stated "I fucking hate muslims." I asked why, and she said because they systematically oppressed women. The rest of the chicks pitted in with some really vicious anti-Islam stuff. 
    Honestly, I thought it was a really good point. Islam shits all over women and it's not brought up often. It's really taboo to say "I hate Islam!" especially because it is interpreted in the '9-11' context these days. But why can't you be red-hot with fury over islam over the way the religion treats the female gender? Shouldn't such a sweeping thing be hated more than the political correctness should be observed?
    TLDR; Is it ethically correct to hate Islam publically because it oppresses women? Is it OK to brand the religion as immoral because of it? 
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    according to the CHRISTIAN bible, woman is at fault for original sin and is damned to have periods and painful childbirth.
    man's punishment is dealing with women
    also, my aunt moved to pakistan and married a dude
    he seems nice i met him at my dad's wedding
    Thank you, but that's not even close to what I am asking about
  4. I care so little about this topic i felt the need to comment. If you're not muslim, not a woman why why why do you give a flying fuck? Not hating just curious, people get so worked up over this kinda shit when really its worthless to even discuss it. I stay away from politics and region coz you get stuck arguing with bell ends who think their opinions are actually worth something

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    my point would be that all organized religion is the same. and that it's built on an archaic framework of outdated, percieved morality open to interpritation by whatever twisted power hungry fuckwad or lost, confused fool takes to it.
    we have evolved
    you are the same as the muslims. a muslim is the same as every other person on earth. muslims have feelings and love and hope and fear. just like you. morality is empathy. education is freedom
    humanity as a whole has systematically oppressed women. islam has rules trying to protect the morality and honor of their families. if everyone acted right, acted with empathy, within the system, the system would work. the problem is common sense is no longer common, key facts and ideas are being overlooked, misunderstood, or ignored. it's like rush hour traffic. if everyone actually followed the rules, everyone would get where they're going sooner, it's simple fluid dynamics, but noooo this guy has to cut off that guy, who in turn cuts off someone else, who then surreptitiously slows down etc. etc. etc. negativity breeds negativity. act positive.
    teach your children
    Sure, I'll tell you why. There are women in my life who I love and enjoy, and I had not thought much about how Islam treats the female gender. Furthermore, I'm interested in human beings and our social structures, and the ethics involved. I live in a niche bubble of Norwegian college students, but I like getting a broad range of opinions, so I posted my question here, where there is a wide variety in age and culture backgrounds. 
    Hope that answers your question
    Yes, we are all human beings, but you took it to an extremely abstract level. Yes, humanity as a whole may be oppressing women. Yes, we are all very similar. My question was very context specific, however.
    I'll repeat it: Should it be publically accepted to 'hate' Islam for suppressing women, given how publically accepted it is to hate Russia for it's anti-gay laws?
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    um obviously hate is bad. so no. hate in any context is bad.
    i pity russia's people who are oppressed, especially it's leaders, who are probably all secretly buttfucking eachother, terrified someone else will find out.
    you shouldnt hate others anymore than you should hate yourself, in fact you should love
    treat all others like you would like to be treated. - nicely and with the respect due another being.
    public acceptance is no basis for forming opinion
  8. fair enough man, asking here is reasonable enough but its the whole discussion in real life about this shit i cant really see the point of is all it happens to me alot i get dragged into religious debates about catholic church and how I AM DOOMED AND WRONG because i question their constant nonsense, everytime i go to the pub practically just think its bit of waste of time, the scenario you explained just kinda reminded me of endlessly banging my head against a wall when discussing such topics with people but ya know im just a random dude on the internet waffling shit stoned so fuck it
    1) Yes, I agree, considering moving humanity to the next level and all. But, if you were oppressed viciously, don't you think you'd find it hard not to feel a little hate towards the system treating you like a sub-human?
    2) I disagree with this strongly. Others can cause you harm and I think it's natural and acceptable to hate these people. Given an acceptable ethical context. (Ex: You murder my little sister, and I will hate you)
    3) Yes, I agree. Public acceptance is fickle. But, quizzing others on their opinions could give you some really insightful thoughts, that you can incorporate. Part of the reason why I am asking this thread, seeing if anyone has something wise to say on the topic that I haven't thought of 
    A lot of people argue because they need to confirm to themselves that their world view is not springing leaks. People put themselves in smaller and smaller boxes just to win an argument. I know what you mean dude. I wasn't looking for an argument, just looking to see what people think about it. 
  11. okay so, if i were to kill your little sister, say by mistake, and you hated me for it, YOU are the one suffering. your hate, which you choose to conciously hold onto, is then your problem, and your shortcoming. forgive and forget, or hold a grudge and let it hurt you. obviously losing a little sister would be very difficult and a real challenge to come to terms with, but that's life. once come to terms with what i've done and move on, (given the scenario i'd probably go work at a rehab center or something), you are one who's hurt by your hate. you keep it going, don't you see? NEGATIVITY BREEDS NEGATIVITY
  12. if i accidentally killed your sister, and you took revenge on me, my confused and hurt loved ones might take revenge on you! vicious cycle! ever heard of the hatfeilds and the mccoys? that shit started over a pig
    You've switched the situation around my friend! I said murder, which means you've actively sought out my little sister with the intent to kill her, and then killed her. You do it on accident it's a very different situation. 
    Again though, you're ducking my thread question! :D If it's fair to dislike Russia for being anti-gay, is it fair to dislike Islam for being anti-women?
  14. unfortunately the people who force their opinions down others throats seem to outnumber and drown out the people who dont! to be fair to you man i dont think im really clued in enough for this kinda topic in real life so i drift away from it so i dont offend people yet some people dont do it that way
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    why don't you do something constructive?
    also you seem really opinionated already. this is your thread after all. i'm sure someone will come along and tell you what you want to hear....
    i see you've changed hate to dislike.
    i love everyone and everything on earth that can think "i am"
    i feel pity and sadness for those who are hurt, i try to comfort them
    i feel the untethered confusion of those who are lost and i try to help them find their way
    it's just like in simple math. if you come at something negative (a problem) with something  positive, the problem is solved. back the the singularity of existance. the duality of life, the balance. when you come at a negative problem with negativity, you dig a deeper hole. i thought traffic was a simple enough analogy
  16. i would say though that i doubt that ALL russians gay hate, whereas maybe a high percentage of muslims treat women like shit? not fair to tar everyone with the same brush but ya know 
  17. what like argue over the internet?
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    Of course. Must be a lot of Muslim mean who treat their women real nice. But as a whole, many Islam nations really systematically prevent women from having a fair shot in society. An example; there is turmoil in Saudi Arabia right now, because women want the right to drive. Imagine if that was happening in Idyllic City, USA, you might be a little pissed. I certainly understand why the girls I spoke to about it were angry.
    It's a really minor issue, though. You could get crazy. It's common practice to throw rocks at girls who have been raped until their skulls get crushed, because they were 'adulterous'. Doesn't matter if they were adulterous against their will, they still gotta die. Crazy shit, right?
    The same argument goes for Russia. The government has made it acceptable to spew hate on gays, and classify them as people with less rights, and the international scene has really reacted to it, quite admirably, by letting Russia know that it's not cool at all.
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  19. i wasnt done lol
  20. here in the united states it's common to lure or trick underrage, niave or otherwise defenseless females and/or males to their rape/torture/death.  since there's no basis in moral law for it, it stays on the DL here

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