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  1. So after my unique experience last week with the premature orgasm-er this week i made no plans to try and hook up with any girls i just wanted it to be chill single time for me and I get a call from one of my female stoner friends who i enjoy talking to and was one of the few people i trusted in to confide in about my relationship with that older woman i was with.

    All these times it never even crossed my head that she was even hot, i met her in class and she came over ripped my bong like a champ and we jammed to some velvet underground and had a great non sexual time (i was also pretty infatuated with the milf that was giving me insane sex at the time) so it was just chill...

    she calls im like "come through lets blaze" like alright enough crazy women time to just chill out and jam till my buddies get out of work.

    I open my door and she is wearing this sun dress and her piercings shine against her tan skin the loose dress does a poor job at covering her all the sudden appealing breasts and when i go to give her a kiss on the cheek we accidently meet at the lips...we look at each other for awhile...both try to snap out of it like "lets smoke" and im like "yeah got some great bud"

    so we smoke and were watching Rise of the Planet of the Apes...and we keep doing the "im looking at me dont notice me but are you looking at me too?" thing for a little while and i get up to get us some water and im in the kitchen contemplating what to do and i come back and sit down right next to her and she folds her self into me. we finish the movie (great movie) and were just sitting there basically just spooning at this point. she gives me the green light with the old "im tired lets go to sleep"...me being the macho man i am i pick her up carry her to the bed dont even bother to take any of her clothes off just slid my dick in and push the thong to the side.

    Im reaming (as my friends say) her out but find my self kissing her a lot which is something im not big on I feel the need to slow my stroke down and she grabs my head and whispers "im on birth control dont worry" so that makes me go into jackhammer mode and i cum deeeep inside her. we lay there for like 10 minutes still inside each other...and all the sudden she gets all insecure

    "ur gonna think im a slut" "were never gonna be able to be friends again" "i let you cum in me you probably think im a whore" and all this non sense....i say "look you were cool before your cool now and this doesnt have to be weird"...it really doesnt...but today when i tried to call her she didnt answer. and she always answers. Its not like i seduced her or she just met me and fucked me the first day. we had history...the trouble my penis gets me into with these women...fuck.
  2. She fucked you and left, a man's dream.

    Go smoke a J my friend. :smoke:
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  4. reading this now... i think i just didnt want her to go and I definitely didnt want her to think that Im a big douche. When she called today i was so happy on the inside. Not cause I cant wait to have sex with her again, okay well maybe that too, but because i like everything ive seen from her...her whole swag is magnificent.

    Asks me if I want anything from the market or the headshop and says she already picked up some sour D so I can just chill out till she gets here (clean my apartment 85% of the way 15% left so I dont look like im already p-whipped.

    U know i do a lot of confiding in GC, sometimes i get deep insight and sometimes i get pictures of gorillas staring at me, its all okay, its feedback, guess Ill just take the bad with the good......*that and my smoking hot stoner sex goddess is on her way over so i couldnt be in a bad mood if i tried*
  5. So everything's good now man? :smoke:
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  7. I have yet to see a real problem here?
    I'm slow in d-dee-da-dee head :(
  8. I feel you on not wanting to lose a good friend. Some people here don't seem to understand the importance that can bear. I really don't get it...do some of these posters not have valuable female friends?

    Good luck man.

  9. For real you guys are really only thinking about the "me getting laid" part...This isn't the top priority here. Not bragging (actually recommending), but be your self, show your true self and legs will open up for you. I know it sounds cliche, but so many dudes are putting on fake fronts for the pussy, all you gotta do is be yourself and be able to talk about life...make a girl laugh and feel comfortable around you and watch how quick those panties drop (or get pushed to the side in my case lol)

    Now...on another note, after spending all last night and this morning with her I think we unknowingly have planted a seed (no pun intended) that will develop into something. I know this much, every time her phone went off my eyes darted down to see if it was another dude and this morning I acted asleep while she went through my phone...kinda nosy of her but she did just kinda open herself up to me, literally, and i made sure to delete anything i wouldnt want her seeing (been there, dumb that lol)
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    Wow, that story was really sweet (and REALLY hot ;)). She probably freaked out at first because she wants more from you than just sex, so I'm glad to hear that things are progressing with you two.

    Edit: Oh, and I forgot to say, nice job with the 'So I Married an Axe Murderer' reference. :p

  11. This part always fucks with me. My girl is friends with alot of trashy guys and is steady texting some one but I never look or ask who it is, I want to be able to trust her but,, idk

  12. That's why I be steady MOBbin' Money Over Bitches, witness :smoke:
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    Okay well as scarface and dj quik said first you get the money (check) then you get the power (check) and then...then you get the pussy (check) dont mean to sound arrogant buy M.O.B gets old once your money gets right...real talk.

    and yes, we definitely smashed today too. I'd be lying if i said this is moving fast as fuck but she put me on straight up blast today when i tried to do that to her.

    Her phone rings and its and iphone so its pretty easy to see whos calling if your within 20 feet LOL and its her x-boyfriend...i waited to see what shed do and she just says "ewww" and my slick ass says "yeah wait till after you leave my place first" and she looked me dead in the eyes and said "im looking at the only guy i wanna talk to" and then to lighten things she motor boats me...this could turn into something good...
  14. I say full speed ahead on this one.
  15. Yeah sounds great and all, but she checked your phone when you were sleeping dude. I would've called her out on that right away. Who does that shit... talk about a red flag.

  16. Yo hate to break it to you, but if your starting to get with or with a woman and think she's not checking that shit you are in for a rude awakening...somebody back me up on this...NOT WORTH THE ARGUMENT, at all...she can go ahead I dont blame her, my last relationship was with a woman 10 years older then me.

    According to what I've heard and what I've seen from her "shes a lady in the streets but a freak in the bed"...she has a lot of piercings when theyre all in (tongue, eyebrow, nose, multiple ear, and lip ring) i make fun of her and say she looks like Cerxes from 300 but then she calls me a pussy since i have never had anything pierced on my body at all.
  17. Dude i say stay with her, she sounds nice and fun to be around. Don't lose that "fun" vibe..stick with it , I would.
  18. I just steady erase all my text's and call list, so all she can do is surf contacts.

    I always was thinkin if my main girl saw me ridin with another I would just tell her she was my cousin and it would be gravy hahah
  19. mad props on the title of the thread. She was a thief, you gotta believe, she stole my heart and my cat.....

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