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  1. Ok here we go my first grow, week one complete,so heres some pics.

    Grow Details :-

    Seeds From GC AK-48, chrystal and orange bud

    Potting Soil from my local nursery
    Watered everday 2 yes i know your not supposed to but the soil drys out very quick
    Every other day i give them a dose of rain water and inbetween i give them scotish Highland spring water with a ph of 6.5.
    Lights on 24/7 im switching to 18/6 in the next week or so.
    Temps for about 6 hours the temp is about 92f+ but for the rest when i can open the door to the grow room they drop to about 82-84 f.
    Humidity is <=20% ive tried to increase this by placing bowls of water about the grow room but it hasnt helped so i think im going to have to invest in a humidifier

    Lighting is 2 x 2ft 18watt strip lights and 8x20 Watt CFL's total lumens is about 12k give or take.

    Grow room is 2.5ft by 2ft and 12 ft tall

    Sorry i didnt make a note of what pics are what plants but i wil try to remember this next time.

    Edited by wolf For some unknown reason i cannot upload the pics to the forum even tho i have followed there rules so im goign to dump them on image shack




  2. They look about 1 to 1 1/2 weeks old right?

    All your plants look good, im growing ak-48 too there about 4-1/2 weeks old.

    Well GL with your grow, cant wait to see what happens.
  3. looks good the temp is a lil high tho but lookin good so far how old are they?

  4. 7 days old
  5. oksorry for not updating my Journal but my camera went on the fritz

    oh well here we are a month in to grow

    Temps down to 85F and humidity is 35% repotted once givern ferts twice but only a very weak solution of 20-10-10

    im still watering every day the plants seem to be AOK about that but as i said the soild drys out very quick.

    im thinking of putting them to flower soon as im hoping to flower them for 8 weeks so i have some nice bud just in time for my holidays
    anyway heres the pics let me know what you think

    AK 48 plant one


    AK 48 plant Two




    Chrystal plant Two


    Orange bud Plant one


    Orange Bud Plant Two


    So thats it theres my plants all comments are more then welcome but be nice :) im very sensertive lol :rolleyes:
  6. u should def start flowering...oh and your plants are gorgeous hope u get mostley females +rep cuz there so damn pretty

  7. They're looking good Wolf, hope you get a couple of ladys there. Im just waiting to sex mine, there into day 2 of flower and they are really going for it, i mean 8" to 14"'s in two days. hope ya into LST or have a tall cab.
  8. Thanks both for your comments.

    yer i have plenty of height in my grow room its approx 12feet tall so im ok there. I'll be trying the harder techs like LST on my next grow, i just wanted the experince of growing some first before i dablled in the advence techs.

    i'll post some more pics next week
  9. ok im putting the plants on to 12/12 tonight and im wondering what ferts is best to use for the floweing stages ? and should it be brought in a little bit at a time or just go full strength straight away ?

  10. how come i cannot see pictures in any posts..sorry im askin in thius one but anyone know?

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