Wolfmother Broke up

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  1. just for anyone intrested

    yea they broke up like on the 7th
  2. Good... ripping of 70's hard rock riffs was getting a little tired.
  3. damn that sucks! i have been waiting for a new cd for a long time
  4. c'mon Foop..they wern't anything phenomenally original, but they were one of the best things to happen to rock today.

    Id much rather have a band around that works around and with old riffs than the nu age garbage thats spouting around everywhere.

    Besides, they have some fairly original songs.
  5. No, Queens of the Stone Age and Kings of Leon are doing things for rock these days. Throw Kasabian in there for good measure.
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  7. I really liked them, to be honest. I guess they figured after one album of recycled music from 30 years ago, there's not much else you can do.

    They probably had different ideas as to the direction the band would take. One of them was probably like "Dude, we should write some more original sounding stuff. Let's give Wolfmother a distinctive sound." And the other dudes were like "No, mate, lets just make more money ripping off Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath."
  8. amen.
  9. i've only vaguely heard of them but the less 70's style "hard rock" we have in this world, the better off we'll be...

    now you can listen to good music instead :)
  10. actually i think the guitarist/singer is going to find new members to replace the 2 that left and keep on doing the wolfmother thing
  11. Wow. You guys are so off base it is not even funny.

    You would rather listen to present music than 70s music? Are you fucking mental?

    And the video of the singer of Faith No More ripping on Wolfmother...LOL. What the fuck has he contributed to music? One song 15+ years ago? He is the biggest hack I have ever seen.

    I am no Wolfmother fan but to say that 70s style music is bad, then you don't appreciate music.
  12. I didn't say it was a bad thing that they played that style of music but it gets repetative after a while. Some of the notable exceptions from the album were "Apple Tree," "Tales," "Vagabond," and "Pyramid."

    But I dunno, what would the second album be? I would like to have seen them progress in their sound. Maybe skip all of the heavy power chord riffs and add some more technical stuff. The solos were great, but a lot of the verse stuff was like the same fuzy, distorted riffs.
  13. alot of hate for them here eh.
  14. they were a good band and talented musicians in my opinion

    i dont think they were total rip offs of bands that have come before

    i think they just modernised the sound really and added there own touch

    much much better than shit like

    my chemical romance, the used, 30 seconds to mars,

    these bands are basically THE SAME BAND, in that they use the exact same chords over and over nothing new, no skill
  15. First of all, Mike Patton is not a talentless hack. He's a weirdo, but talentless, not.

    Second, Wolfmother is not as bad as you say. I saw them live 2x and they rocked. People want to rock out, and WM offered that when all that was around was emo fag rock.

    Still, I could care less whether they record or play again.
  16. first of all, for not being metal 30 seconds to mars is actually pretty good. the guy has a good voice, they're music is rather original and i own both their cd's. along with lamb of god, dimmu borgir, devildriver, black dahlia murder, mudvayne etc...

    secondly, 70's rock... it started rock out. great. that's fantastic. it still sucks. this is my opinion. that's all that can be said on these kinds of subjects. there is no fact that some form or style of music is terrible, because it just doesnt happen that way.

    i dont really like kiss. i dont really like sabbath. i do like zeppelin. it's just band to band, and song to song...

    i dont know shit about wolfmother, but if you're gonna say that they're soooooo different when they're apparently just doing the same thing that other guys did 20-30 years ago, then you should go listen to "Gama Bomb"... they're got some terrible 80's thrash metal you're bound to enjoy.

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