Woke up to someone strange...

Discussion in 'General' started by xXMelkorXx, Oct 7, 2007.

  1. Well..after a serious day of tailgating, going to the Hog game, and a nice keg party yesterday..I had been hanging out with a girlfriend of mine from highschool..we had been talking all day..but I had been drinking whiskey and that stuff causes me to black out..

    Anyways, I woke up this morning with a nice headache, and that lost feeling you have after a night like that. I look to my left and, we will call her 'becca' was laying butt naked in my bed. I was in shock!!! I mean , I wouldnt be embarassed about it, it was just weird. I consider us friends, and really had no attraction to her, though she is pretty and all. Anyways, she woke up as I was thinking..she looked up at me with these doe eyes, and said "We..slept..together?" I sayed im guessing so, since your naked as a babe, and so am I. "Never saw this coming" she responded.

    Right now, Im sitting here posting in the nude, shes downstairs eating cereal in my shirt, and I don't know what the hell to think, and where to go from here.

    Any Advice GC?
  2. haha, roll with it bro. good friends make good lovers i think.

  3. QFT.

    shit happens lol.
  4. oh oh oh oh oh I can tell you exactly what to do in a situation like this are you ready?

    Go downstairs,
  5. You a true playa now, niggs.
  6. So...I just got finished taking your advice...I think ill roll with this, as see where it goes
  7. *giggidy giggidy.

  8. GOOO!
  9. lol roll up a fat blunt with her and hit that shit again in the shower or something...
  10. I Second that
  11. hahahaha, sweet!
  12. Wow man, good for you. What's going on now?
  13. lol.

  14. Well, this is how it happened, according to a friend of hers.. we were playing this kissing game after the game, where you make out with the people in the room you never dreamed of kissing or some BS like that, we made out and kept on going..15 minutes later we were gone, they didnt see us for the rest of the night..

    As it is we remain friends, but I think we both want to see where this leads..

  15. Thirded.
  16. sweeet beat that shit up
  17. forthed. Thats my Dawg thats my dawg. but yah thats good and all but watch out don't break up and stop being friends.
  18. Nice. That's how we do it.
  19. Haha. Thats a great story. Enjoy it or what you can remember.

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