Woke up stoned...

Discussion in 'General' started by 2Packed, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. Ok...this morning I woke up and the first though that came into my head was "he he i'm stoned", this wouldn't be too unsual except for the fact that I haven't got wrecked/pissed in over a week...

    I got up and kind of aimlessly stumbled about my room, I then later realised that I had been staring at my deodorant can admiring the logo for like 10 mins (Lynx Click, it does have a nice logo lol)


    Maybe it was due to the fact that I slept two or three hours more than usual today (day off work)...

    It faded after about 35 mins then I felt normal again....hmmm....strange.

    Lol :D
  2. so axe is called lynx in portugal?

  3. No, it's actually Axe in Portugal, Lynx in the UK and some other places. (I just got that pic off the net to show yall the logo lol)

    Look: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Axe

    *Slightly off topic there*

    Lol :D
  4. lol so for diverting it. but i dunno. sounds crazy. wish it happened to me lol
  5. Yep, Lynx in the UK. I didn't even think you got it in the US? Oh well, never heard of click though. The best brands of lynx here are Africa and Phoenix in my opinion
  6. Yeah Lynx/Axe is all over the world.

    My favourite brand is the old skool "Musk" :D

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