woah wtf super lights

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Chronik-Judge, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. I heard about this about a week ago, I hear its very dangerous in terms of electrical and costs.
  2. Everything about this lamp looks ok except for the HPS business at the beginning of the ad where he said HPS's grow lanky plants. That's inaccurate. Also, at the end in his "grow light myths" section, he is wrong in saying that switch able grow lights don't exist. This is inaccurate as well because switch able ballasts and MH/HPS lights do in fact exist. I would not take advice from this guy because he is trying to sell you this light but, it looks like a good one.
  3. They hype and marketing are very inaccurate. After saying that HPS is bad for growing lanky plants it later says this bulb outputs light just like HPS! Great, a MH that grows lanky plants too!

    I don't believe this or HPS generally will grow lanky plants.

    As VTEC says, there are conversion bulbs and switchable ballasts that work just fine to allow both MH and HPS to run off the same lamp.

    This appears to be a straightforward MH with a different design reflector and a lot of bad information. I notice it does not talk about lumen output. You can get a 400w MH for less at htgsupply-dot-com. Or at the same vendor you can get a 400w conversion kit that comes with both MH and HPS for about the same price as this eBay guy.

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