Woah, This is so weird

Discussion in 'General' started by The_Jewfather, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. Omg, I'm on DXM right now and this is the weirdest thing ever. I took it at 11 and its 12:48 and I can't figure out anything I did. This is so confusing. I don't even know how I am typing corretly. Everyything tis col ecept fot the itching. My mind is racing and I'm listening to "Roundabout - by Yes" this is so fucked up. I am messed up. I'm shaking and stuff and where am I even at, I don't think I've felt like this before.
  2. Good vibes your way!
  3. what did you just say? that was complete gibberish.....you didnt even spell one word correctly....
  4. THIS IS INSANE! Im not seeing anything but this is the weirdest feeling i've ever felt. I didn't like it before and i just remember laying down on the couch and i what /?? Did i type this a long time a gio? I'm listening to "Box of Rain" by G=Dead and im seriously so fucked upa I cannot explain this, this is so weird. This is cool now. Anybody want to play Counter-strike source with me? please tell me I want to play and talk.
  5. I have no grasp of time, this is crazy. WHAT IS HAPPENING! I HAVE BNEVER FELT TLIKE THIS. omg dera lord. im fucking wobble stossing.
  6. thats why I won't do dxm anymore, cannot stand the itch.
  7. did you say something about several species of small furry animals gathered together into a cave and grooving with a pict?
  8. 12:48: We have liftoff.

    12:54: Contact.

    12:58 Houston. We have a problem.

    1:01: We're at critical meltdown. Bad trip imminent.


    1:18: Pronounced DOA at the local hospital.


    I'm taking all bets who's in?
  9. WHA WHA WHAT!!!! Tis not the kikd of talo I desire. Jk. Omg, this is so fucking weird. It's good though, cuz the itching tstopped . My brain feels likes its just tumblieing in my skull and im watching the simpsons. homer just goes "boingingoningonging" like a bounced check he was trying to demonstrate.
  10. "im fucking wobble stossing." :laughing:

    Sounds like a Dr. Seuss line. If he were on DXM and swore like a sailor. :D
  11. I filled the sink with water and dipped my head in it and dried it off cuz it was too itcy. Now it feels better and all itch it gone. USe DexAlone its godo. 10 pills, 30mg DXm each, $6 something. OMG im so gfucked up. This is so weird.
  12. Im robo-trippin right now too!!!!!!!!

    go listen to lebowski's mix, its CRSAZYYYYY
  13. Oh shit dude, I just tried to eat my finger While listening to lebowski's mix.
  14. I'm not so sure I ever want to do DXM. Never had the desire anyway.
  15. welcome to our world

  16. HAHAHAHAHhahahahah, omg, I just laughed so hard. +rep !!!:D :D

  17. Lawsuit city.
  18. Okay, my final decision:

    DXM isnt even worth the stomach ache it causes. This "trip" sucks.
  19. Actually, I contridict myt lasrt statment :) myt mouth is so biugq!
  20. I like weed.....but to each their own.

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