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  1. lol. this is a story of my first time getting really drunk (happened a couple months back). within an hour and a half i drank the following: 8 shots of 99 Blackberries (99 proof alcohol), 3 shots of rassberry vodka, 2 mike's hards, 2 schmirnolf (sp?) ices, and half a 12 oz bottle of strawberry banana twist. it was the equivulent of about 4-5 shots of 100% alcohol... i was just gone. couldn't stand, couldn't move (cept to get to my window to throw up all over the place)... anyone else thing i overdid it a little?

    but here's the funny part. the hospital they sent me to for alcohol poisioning was so crowded that every seat was filled with people waiting to get in. i sat there for 4 hours and never got treated... gay hospital, lol.

    this is nothing compared to this kid my friend knows... he drank an entire bottle of bicardi 151... had the highest blood alcohol level recorded at the hospital he went to.... crazy idiot
  2. I think you may hane had just a little to much Cottons!

    I had a friend who drank alot. He was at a party that lasted 24 hrs. He didn't eat or drink anything other than whiskey. He passed out and two hrs later his wife went in to check on him. He had died from alcohol poisening. I've drank a lot in my time but damn i've never drank that much at once.

    Try to pace yourself a little more next time friend!
  3. sorry to hear about your friend... i too have had my share of loss (3 friends, an uncle, 2 great grandmoms, and quite possibly a grandpop soon too)...

    there's not going to be a next time. that was a wake up call (that and me getting all back into my spirituallity and all). i came pretty close to dying (not my first time, lol), seeing as how that was my first time really drinking. most i had before that was 4 coronas, lol.
  4. wow you DID go overboard~
    but the question is: I've tried 99 bananas, but never even KNEW there was a 99 blackberries?!?! i love blackberries, is it any good??
    if you DO remember?

    you got lucky, i had a friend who almost died on me w/ alcohol poisoning, a very SOBERING moment of truth for both her AND myself... there's nothing entirely thrilling about watching your friend's lips turn blue and vomit/shiver/twitch uncontrollably whatsoever.

    so, needless to say, we both ended up big stoners instead :D

    moderation is the key with alcohol!! sounds like you got the idea though ;)
  5. im sure you didnt have alchohol poisoning, although that does sound like a lot of fuckin booze for your first time :D

    ..on one of my first times i ate a magic cookie, drank 1/3 or a litre of whisky, and smoked some bowls, all in preperation for my high school dance :) needless to say i had a crazy time, although my friend ended up getting us both kicked out because he threw up in the middle of the fucking dance floor.. BIG pain in the ass. my counselor walked me home, with me frantically trying to convince him i was completely sober the whole way :)

    it actually worked, as a matter of fact.. irish blood lets me handle my drugs like a champ :D
  6. I drank heavily until I was legal then I didn't drink so much. I had some BAD experiences. I think my worst though came later when I was around 25 and I had been down at The Landing in St. Louis doing nothing but drinking for at least 9 hours (if not more because we drank before we went down there) with a bunch of friends. None of us had a clue how we made it home and the next day I was puking and shaking and was white as a sheet. Had I not been hurting so bad, I probably would have gone to the hospital. I couldn't do anything but shake and puke. I didn't get better until the day after that. I was hurting bad and haven't got that out of control again. My credit card bill from that night alone was crazy. I had hit every freakin' bar down there and overtipped like you wouldn't believe. We all remember different things about that night but we couldn't put it together if we had to.

    MaryJane wouldn't fuck me like that. So, I stick with her!!!
  7. Man, I've had some shitty alcohol experiences but I still love to drink on the weekends. There was one time when I was in the woods with my friends at a giant party. I drank about 3/4 of a liter of 90 proof vodka and I was gone. I remember passing out after puking uncontrollably and coming back into consciousness only to puke again between trying to talk. My friends tryed to call my house and cover for me, but my parents knew something was up since I didn't call. I ended up seeing my friend drive by with his mom while i was walking down the street hammered out of my mind. They tried to cover me too, but when they talked to my parents they insisted on picking me up.

    Another time I was with my good friend J. We had a bunch of weed so we went down to the train tracks in a good spot that we had found earlier. We smoked a couple really big bowls out of a can, getting us severely stoned. Soon we were looking for something to do so we called our friend K and he told us he was at a kegger and that we could come. So we walked across town to the party and met up with K. It was 5 bucks for a keg cup so we each got one and started drinking. A couple factors led to us drinking about 8 or 9 beers in a half hour. The fact that we both had insane dry mouth and that we had to be at J's house in 45 minutes because I was sleeping over his house and his mom wanted us to be there by midnight. So we left the house, both high and drunk off our asses. We finally made it to J's house where I collapsed in a big armchair and we started watching Trainspotting. The last thing I remember before I blacked out was watching the scene where Renton is going thru withdrawal in his room (crazy if you haven't scene it, there's a fuckin baby crawling on the ceiling and shit) while at the same time hearing J puking his guts out in the bathroom. I thought I'd fallen asleep in that chair, but when I woke up I was upstairs in a bed. I found out later that when he was going to bed he told me to go to bed as well, but I started walking into the living room and shit.

    I'd say that drinking is good in moderation. Nowadays I drink way slower and monitor how much I drink, even though me and K did split a bottle of Southern Comfort and finished it within an hour a couple weeks ago. lol, I actually got so drunk that when I got home I passed out on my bed and woke up a half hour later to find my entire bedside covered in puke.... Anyways, drinking rocks.
  8. one word:


    best time waster ever.. i always go on there to get myself amped up for a night of drinking :D

  9. lol. doesn't taste much like blackberries... just thinking about how it tasted, i get the taste in my mouth, and wanna throw up, lol. i've had it before, but i mixed it with orange juice which actually tasted pretty good. about 1/4 cup 99 blackberries to 3/4 cup OJ.

    i remember everything that happened that night. mainly because i was scared out of my mind. it really felt like if i shut my eyes i wouldn't open them again... i was crying, throwing up, and all like "i'm gonna die. omg, i'm really gonna die..." lol. i could only imagine what people were thinking.

    in response to a different post. i was told by the people at the hosiptal it was alcohol poisoning. lol, i chugged everything. the only reason i say it was over an hour and a half is because i drank the two mike's hards, and a shot of the vodka, then waited like 45 mins to do the rest. i poured the first 4 shots of the blackberries into a cup... downed that, did the schmirnolfs, then the other 2 shots of vodka, then picked up the blackberries bottle and downed the other 4 shots... i was fine until the chugging of the berries (i too have the irish blood)... but those last 4 (or so) shots is what really got to me.
  10. Heh, oh alcohol. I don't think anyone who drinks fairly regularly has never hit the wall. One time a couple of weeks ago me and my friend were away up in Nova Scotia and we had a dime bag, a quart of whiskey and a trailer to ourselves. Anyway we went down on the beach and finished the quart in 15 minutes. So we were pretty drunk. my friend puked pretty soon after that, but i lasted about an hour and a half till we went to bed, then the spins took over and i puked once and went to bed. A bit sickly the next day, but not too bad, but we went on a big fishing boat ride with his uncle, that was kinda bad hehe.

    We never did smoke the pot that night, too fucked, we wwaited till the next day.

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