wk 9 on 12/12 are theese girls ready

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  1. first timer and don't have a clue when to harvest i'm on week 9 since going to 12/12 i'm actually quite disapointed with bud size didn't notice sex/ flower until 2 weeks into 12/12 so am i on week 7 then, i'm uploading some pics so dudes in the know can tell me how far off harvest the 2 ladies are or are they ready now, should i be flushing, any info would be much apreciated please
    :confused: have

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  2. and more pics plant 2 . both plants are white widow under 250w hps in soil on organic nutes :confused:

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  3. trichs on plant 2 :confused:

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  4. cheers for link how far off harvest aprox and should i be considering flushing or stopping nutes
  5. when most trichs are cloudy, flush. can't say how long cause all strains are different. you got a full body shot? i got some white widow going in my journal. does she stink real good?
  6. oh yeah stinks, its like half way betwween wet dog and hashy smell:yummy: inc some full body shots , you can see what i mean about poor bud size ,will i keep up the nutes for now ?

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  7. what light? it doesn't look very bright. maybe fert once more and see how the trichs look after that.
  8. 250w hps , on a budget prob should have gone for 400w , like your grow room ,must try to replicate your veg/germ shelf altough might be tight for head room what space you got on top 12- 18 inches as i think thats all i could afford .should i lower light was just a bit afraid of overheating or burning plants
  9. that light should be about 16 inches away from them. that could be why the buds are so small. also they swell the most during the last 2 weeks. if you are just now coming into the last 2 weeks, they will be swelling soon. i have about 3 feet up top. and about 5 in the bottom. it works out pretty well.
  10. looks light u done too much pruning and stressed the plant
  11. what pruning? i don't see that at all.
  12. This is fucking gorgeous....


    It took me 2 years before I got around to ordering one of these...

    ...but it's well worth it. It should be a part of every grower's toolbox.
  13. sorry wrong post
  14. me thinks ive been afraid of damaging the 2 little ladies also have to improve hot air extraction well not just improve install, currently just two 4'' domestic bathroom fans blowing in fresh air. Any of you guys use co2 was thinking of going the sugar/yeast route on next grow but vegging/cloning rm is no 1 on my list of to do's

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