Wiz Khalifa

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  1. Where can I get some of those camo shorts that him and all the other Taylors rock?
    I really want ones that are as close to his as possible
    If you know a place post the store or online address
  2. There ain't no kmarts this side of Texas
  3. Abercrombie N Fitch or Hollister.
  4. armysurplusstore.com :laughing:
  5. get off Wiz' dick and stop trying to dress like him lol
  6. Damn taking hypebeast to a whole new level! Get off his dick already, this isn't even music related!
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    Man sorry for being Taylor gang
    That's how we roll
    Smoking joints camo shorts and chucks or j's
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  9. Thats because there ment to be worn by little kids that like to
    pretend there in the army, not for Wiz khalifa fans...

    I would like to go to a concert and see how many people are wearing
    camo shorts it be like a ROTC reuinuon for all the wannabees.
  10. We? Do you know Cam personally? Are you a part of his team? :rolleyes:
  11. Wiz swagger jacked Game..first Game was Chuck TAYLOR, always rocking Converses then all of a sudden its TAYLOR gang and wearing the same type of shoes.
  12. you hip hop heads are getting trolllllllled :p it is hilarious seeing you attack him like a pack of wolves.

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